Owners of the Yankees and Mets are vying for a prestigious casino license in New York City

The Yankees and Mets owners compete in a new kind of Underground Series.

But that’s nothing more than bragging rights – the winner could end up with one of the city’s coveted casino licenses.

Legends, a company partially owned and co-founded by the Yankees, is part of a consortium proposing a casino on Brooklyn’s famous Coney Island, along with developer Thor Equities, Saratoga Casino Holdings, and The Chickasaw Nation.

The Yankees own about 25 percent of Legends, a source said. Another quarter is owned by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Other Legends projects include operating the 1 World Trade Observatory, The Circle Line, Intrepid Museum, and Major League Baseball Stores.

The Bronx Bombers’ interest in Coney Island, south of Brooklyn, may raise some eyebrows.

Coney Island is home to the Mets’ cross-town rival minor league team, the Brooklyn Hurricanes, and the borough was home to the legendary Brooklyn Dodgers before the team moved to Los Angeles.

Legends, which is partially owned by the Yankees, is competing for one of the exclusive licenses.
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Meanwhile, Mets owner Steve Cohen is not standing by.

He has been scrambling for months to secure one of the three commercial casino licenses to be awarded alongside Citi Field. A plan to open a 25,000-seat football stadium in Willets Point is believed to help his causes, sources previously told The Post.

Cohen has been in discussions with potential casino partners, including the Hard Rock & Sands Hotel & Casino.

“The Legends people are involved in the entertainment part of the proposal, which is being put together. I think there will be a proposal and it will be a successful proposal. Longtime Albany lobbyist and principal manager at Casino Saratoga, which is part of the consortium, said James Featherstonehough.” I think Coney Island is the best location in the five boroughs of New York City for a casino.”

He believes the plan to open a 25,000-seat football stadium at Willetts Point is helping him achieve his goals.
Mets owner Steve Cohen is seeking one of three commercial casino licenses.
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The Yankees declined to comment, referring questions to Legends Hospitality Group.

In a statement released Tuesday, Legends President Bill Rhoda said, “Legends is proud to be working with Thor Equities and our gaming partners Saratoga Casino and The Chickasaw Nation to bring our operational and experiential expertise to bring New York’s preeminent resort casino to Coney Island.”

“This stunning resort will be a world-class entertainment destination, with rides and a variety of restaurants and entertainment for locals and tourists all year round.”

Joe Sett, founder and CEO of Thor Equities, said the casino will help “restore the legacy of Coney Island” and turn it into a “vibrant, year-round destination for all to enjoy.”

Melissa Gliata, COO of Thor Equities, said she enjoyed the competition.

These partners include Hard Rock & Sands Hotel & Casino.
Cohen has had discussions with potential casino partners.

“We are never afraid to fight. We are pessimistic. We believe in Coney Island,” Gelata said, noting that Thor has “long been committed to Brooklyn.”

“Yeah, you can put something in Manhattan, but do you need something else? You need Coney Island for this project. You really make a difference. You have a chance to tell the Coney Island story.”

Cohen, a billionaire Mets owner and hedge fund owner, has donated money to help Mayor Eric Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul and his lobbying team has built relationships with elected officials in Queens to advance his interests.

Meanwhile, billionaire John Katsimitidis — who has developed apartments for rent on Ocean Drive in Coney Island — said the area would be great for a casino, if crime was brought under control in the city and state.

He said the Coney Island bid — and other casino bids — would be jeopardized if the Albany magnates did not reform state sponsorship laws.

“You need to make sure Albany fixes the bail law and New York City is safer and make sure they keep repeat customers violently off the streets. I think it can be a drag for our city in general,” Katsimatidis said.

“I believe that laws should ensure the safety of visitors and residents of New York City.”

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