Pirelli reveals F1 statistic that validates new regulations

The new F1 regulations have been getting positive responses from teams and drivers. But a new statistic that Pirelli has presented to the world confirms that the new regulations are, in fact, a welcome change.

On the day of post-season testing in Abu Dhabi, Pirelli revealed that the number of overtakes had risen by more than 30% since last season. In the entire 2021 Formula 1 season, Pirelli said there were 599 recorded overtakes, but in 2022 that number has risen to 785 over the same 22-race period.

Speaking about the new regulations, Pirelli principal Mario Isola said:

“Unfortunately, it’s hard to get a statistic where if they overtake each other two or three times, like I don’t know Jeddah or some other race. You don’t get that because it’s too hard. It’s just real overtaking. I think it’s a pretty good number, 30% more.” , bearing in mind that facts are backed by facts, so it’s not an exaggeration. It’s a perfectly good point.”

Isola talked about how the new tires helped drivers follow each other more closely and how this reduced the impact of slip on the tyres:

“It’s not just about the frame, but the beam that works well, that was part of the design of the new beam. The fact that when they follow each other they lose the least downforce obviously helps the frame, because they don’t slide more, they slide less and they don’t. It gets hot, so we decided to introduce this new family of vehicles [with] Much less overheating, and some degradation.”

Mario Isola felt that the increase in the number of tackles was not the only indicator of the positive results of the new regulations, as competitiveness in midfield was something to watch out for.

F1 and Pirelli’s agreement ends in 2024

F1 and Pirelli’s contract for tire manufacturers to remain as the sport’s official tire supplier will expire when the 2024 F1 season ends. Pirelli has been given an extra year after a delay in the FIA’s introduction of new technical regulations.

Pirelli entered the business with Formula 1 in 2011, following the departure of the Japanese company Bridestone.

Milan-based company Pirelli has made some changes to its tires in the past few years. Pirelli has added the new 18-inch tires to the game as well as the new C1 compound. There could be more tire changes made in F1 testing in Bahrain in 2023.

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