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Nothing happens SLO County over traffic. traffic movement!

Think of any kind of housing development proposed anywhere in the county—a county so late in creating enough units to house its residents that it can ever catch up. We always hear this: “This place is starting to pop up Angels. a lot of development, a lot of people, Too crowded! I moved here to get away from LA – not to live in another LA.”

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Cue eye roll.

However, if you are heading south from Saint Louis Bishop After work, you have a legitimate gripe (not about this 280,000-strong county even remotely resembling Los Angeles, but about traffic). It’s a bottleneck. And if you’re thinking of using the truck travel lane—that magical third lane on the right side of the freeway that starts around Avila Beach Drive—to bypass all the idiots waiting illegally in choppy traffic, keep an eye out for Sheila Blake, Pismo Beach City Council Member.

You might be out there with a nail bar trying to stop all the assholes like you “hurry up quick” and thinking “Uh-huh-huh, I’m going to beat all those other people.” Caltrans jokingly asked if that would be possible during a council meeting on November 15 when the city was updated on the major project to ease rush hour traffic.

“Can’t we do something for these people?” I asked with a laugh.

Caltrans is doing something for these people. Say goodbye to that lane and hello to something called lane travel part time. It won’t happen anytime soon, but it will eventually. And while most of the thousands of commuters heading south daily will be active, City Councilwoman Mary Ann Reese Not all are happy about the federal safety requirements for the Five Cities Intermodal Transit Network Improvement Project (what? Why? The acronym doesn’t even roll off the tongue – FCMTNEP)

Turns out those concrete barriers that are supposed to protect drivers from getting wrong in oncoming traffic aren’t high enough right along Shell Beach. But Reese thinks it’s “too high right now”. Obviously, an extra 10 inches would be “unacceptable”.

What about all those drivers who want to stare at the Pacific Ocean instead of the road? How will they live?! They’ll have to shift their gaze 10 inches, I think.

Talk about unacceptable. Ocean unacceptable. It is not the place or its inhabitants, however, only the squeaky wheels that demand the most attention.

These people belong to the warring factions – currently in Oceano Advisory Council (OAC) f Oceania Vital Advisory Council (Vaco). And these people the love To share very long, bitter, accusatory email and social media threads between each other the new era. Do you believe so-and-so? what a jerk?

In fact, we can’t believe any of you. And your rules are awesome. grow up!

What kind of absurd game family feud Are they playing? How much drama should one town of 7,600 people produce? Should they squabble over whether a pumpkin carving contest is the prerogative of an advisory board? Should the advisory board really write an order to regulate vacation rentals? number.

Now OAC is on the chopping block with District 4 Superintendent Lynn Compton using a butcher’s knife. The blade may come down before you lift it off the platform. I say, do it! In fact, get rid of both.

What are they doing to society by running a smear contest complete with ideological rhetoric and personal vendettas?

Looking back through the county’s good Community Advisory Board handbook, it appears that the county created these boards as a way to give unincorporated communities a more direct way to let the county and their representatives know what they need and want from proposed developments and ordinances affecting their districts.

“Community Advisory Board membership must reflect a broad cross-section of society,” it states—something neither of them do, obviously.

VACO caters to the business community and pro-off-road interests, while OAC caters to the opposite. Oceano needs a single council that represents everyone, that represents the needs and desires of all residents of the area and that welcomes all who want to make their contributions, and that cares about compromise.

I’m not sure if Compton contributed to, or just watched, the civic participation compensation in Ochino – she’s been out of the OAC for some time now. but her successor, Jimmy Bouldingwill have to fix it.

Speaking of successors, when will we know if Second District Superintendent Bruce Gibson prevail over the opponent Bruce Jones? do not hold your breath. Everyone in the county is filled with anxiety awaiting the results of the November 8th election — and all Record clerk’s office It can be said that there are approximately 28,000 ballots left to count, you don’t know how many to count this week, and everyone gets their Thanksgiving.

So, Election Day turns into Election Month.

Only 781 votes separate Bruce. And this race will determine whether our county council leans conservative or liberal. I think we can all be thankful this year that we don’t know the outcome of a vote that could spoil the enjoyment of our annual 4,500-calorie consumption day as we celebrate colonialism.

Go America. Δ

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