Tennessee responds to a NCAA notification with allegations:

The University of Tennessee disputed the NCAA’s finding that it failed to monitor its football program while committing recruiting violations under fired coach Jeremy Pruitt.

Instead, the university said, Pruitt, his wife, and his staff knowingly concealed their wrongdoing despite Yutorado’s best efforts to follow NCAA rules in monitoring the football program. This was UT’s only major disagreement in responding to the NCAA’s notice of the allegations.

Knox News obtained the university’s 108-page response to the NCAA Thursday morning.

In the document, UT had minor disputes with five of the 18 Tier 1 violations the NCAA found during its investigation. Otherwise, he generally agreed that the rules had been violated and that approximately $60,000 in cash or gifts had been given to players and their families by Pruitt, his wife, several coaches, recruiters, and at least one supporter.

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