Texas pick vs. Baylor, predictions: Week 13 college football odds, spread, streaks

A pair of Lone Star State Conference rivals face off in the regular season finale as Texas host Baylor still holds a shot at the Big 12 Championship Game as college football’s Week 13 action heats up on Black Friday.

No, this cliché does not fully apply to Texans, who “do not control their own destiny,” but they do control some part of it. With a win over Baylor on Friday, he’s still technically in the running to get to Arlington and another shot at TCU.

This, on the condition that Kansas defeat Kansas State on Saturday. Texas beat the Wildcats earlier this season and owns the head-to-head tiebreaker, but Kansas State will have the overall record and the highest in the conference if they beat KU with the Longhorns losing to Baylor.

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