The Booby Trap Strip Club is offering $5 million to rename the Miami Heat’s FTX Arena

The Miami Heat stadium may have a completely new name and it’s not what you think. They are also struggling on the court but thanks to this recent Strip Club show, we think they might be able to bounce back. Jimmy Butler and Company. You will have the privilege of playing in the Booby Trap Strip Club Arena! If The Heat accepts the naming rights offer.

Imagine living in Florida and going to watch a basketball game at the Booby Trap Strip Club Arena! As if living in Florida wasn’t weird enough.

The weirdness of having to see an adult website and a strip club vie for the naming rights to a stadium is nothing short of amazing. This is the height of Florida.

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Flordia’s barbarism comes to the rescue, and the Miami Heat stadium receives another renaming bid

According to the latest reports, a strip club called Booby Trap has offered the Miami Heat $5 million for the naming rights to their stadium. This comes weeks after FTX filed for bankruptcy and removed its name from the ballpark.

With deprecation still in the name, companies will see if they want a piece of the action. Apparently, native Florida people want to be local. Booby Trap Strip Club Arena doesn’t look too bad.

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$5 million to name it Booby Trap Strip Club Arena!

The entity itself is very compatible with the idea. “We think the fans will be behind the idea,” said the Booby Trap team.

And while we don’t disagree given the silliness of Florida, it’s an oddity for those of us who don’t live in a state of sunshine.

what do you think? Want to see Jimmy Butler and Heat play at the Booby Trap Strip Club Arena?

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