The Dallas Cowboys posted power ratings after defeating the Vikings 40-3

Ten points in the power ratings isn’t enough when an NFL team like the Dallas Cowboys plays the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. From offense to defense and special teams, every player took Green Bay’s loss to heart and came up with something to prove. This was the true definition of a “team win”.

They’ve certainly proven themselves to be in conversation with the NFC’s best, and among the best in the NFL. If the Cowboys play this way for the rest of the season, you can start dreaming about the Super Bowl.

Here are the top ten players from Dallas’ win over Minnesota.

10. CeeDee Lamb, WR

This spot could have gone to many men. Michael Gallup, DeMarcus Lawrence, Damon Clarke, Anthony Brown – but it goes to Lamb. In a week when Lamb was criticized for his lack of communication with Prescott, he showed he could be relied upon. He caught his five targets at 45 yards.

Mark Sessler on About the NFL Lamb’s arms were already 1.1 yards from the boundary when he caught the ball, the podcast said, the largest occurrence of a reception like that in the NFL for three years. Lamb now has two notable reels in Minnesota. It might be something in the air.

9. Sam Williams, D

Week after week, Sam Williams becomes a more mature player. He does not commit stupid penalties, and uses more tools from his toolbox. In the fourth quarter, Williams showed off his skills as a defender. He had two tackles for loss, beating the lineman to the inside and knifed tackle Alexander Matteson.

Williams has been known this season for his ability to rush the pass, but by putting his run defense on film, Dan Quinn will see that and earn him more picks. For a team that struggled to defend the race a week ago.

8. Dorrance Armstrong, d

Dorrance Armstrong had his second multi-sack game of the season and was much better at running defensively on the edge. It’s impressive to see how much he’s improved from year to year, second on the team with seven sacks. He plays with great power. Armstrong must be eating wheat every Sunday.

Overall, he continued to prove why the front office gave him the extension in the off-season.

7. Jayron Kearse, S.

The last time the Cowboys played TJ Hockenson, when he was on the Detroit Lions, he had a really good game. The Dallas defense allowed four catches for 48 yards in the direction of Hawkinson. It was a different story, as Keirs and Wilson were turning against him. He gave up only five of his catches for 34 yards, but most of them came when the game was out of reach.

An old Kearse was similar to what we saw of him last season, used all over the field and a leader on defence. He also had a great sack and a key breakup in the end zone. Kearse also gets Skol a clap against his former team, which automatically puts him on the roster.

6. Zack Martin & Tyler Biadasz, RG/C.

The Christmas boys played a great game and protected Prescott. The entire line only allowed one quarterback hit, but these two, in particular, have shown time and time again how great they are to work together.

Terence Steele deserves recognition as a run blocker, but this was Zack Martin at his best, and Tyler Biadasz continues to show his growth as an NFL center, never allowing a sack this season, and not allowing a quarterback hit since Week 5.

5. Brett Maher, K

Brett Maher has been the definition of “Prove It” this season. Maher had to prove himself as the key player in training camp, he had to prove to the fans that he was different from his first run with the Cowboys, he had to prove not once, but twice, that he could score a 60-yard field goal before . Half the time, no problem.

Maher holds the NFL record for most successful kicks over 60 yards with four, but Cowboys fans will always count five with those never counted. He was 8-for-8 on the day, including extra points, and tied for third in the NFL with 83 points.

4. Tony Pollard, RB

Tony Pollard in back-to-back starts showed how dynamic the running back can be. Sunday decided to put it on tape and he is also a dynamic pass player. Pollard had six catches for 109 yards and two touchdowns. Not to mention a five-yard average for a carry with an 80-yard catch as well. 703 yards on the season.

Pollard quickly became a top priority for signing a long-term deal with the Cowboys, without him the Cowboys offense would be lost.

3. Trayvon Diggs, CB

People probably have less Trevon Diggs on their lists, but look what he did on Sunday. He traveled with not only the Vikings’ No. 1 receiver but perhaps the best receiver in the NFL and close it.

Justin Jefferson caught just three passes for 33 yards, and Diggs gave up two for 19 yards. according to Marcus Mosher On Twitter, Diggs has only allowed 29 yards in his last two games and 108 in his previous five games, and he’s now flirting with being the No. 1 center himself.

2. Dak Prescott, QB

Duck Prescott really is Duck. His performance against Minnesota was reminiscent of 2016 when Jason Jarrett wanted to keep things simple for him and rely on his running game and defense to get the job done. Prescott finished completing 22 of 25 passes for 276 yards and two touchdowns.

Duck’s accuracy was on par with his best ever. Several times he didn’t force anything but went through his progress to check. One such gradient ended in Pollard’s first touchdown. When the pressure stops, Prescott is among the best.

1. Micah Parsons, DE/LB

I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a gazelle in the savanna of Africa. Not only should it be terrifying to run from lions all day long, it must be even scarier to run from lions. Micah Parsons won the game for the Cowboys 1:52 into the game. This is the exact moment he causes a stripper bag to snag Kirk Cousins.

Parsons had a game similar to his Bengals performance, besting all 21 players in the field, and became Parsons’ show. He finished with two sacks and should have been in the fourth if he hadn’t let Cousins ​​go and reached Nick Mullins faster in garbage time. The only complaint is that he shouldn’t have returned to the match after the score was out of reach. He’s been beaten again in a short week, so there must be better decision making on Mike McCarthy’s part.

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