The Formula 1 driver was involved in the development of the road-legal Braga race car “Bohema”

Romain Grosjean with Bohma Braga

former Formula 1 And current IndyCar driver, Romain Grosjean, has challenged Braga to develop a two-seater performance car that can also be used on the roads. The car company took him for his audacity. The team behind the project worked with him on Transition car design From road to track, including the six-kilometre test of the Slovak Circuit for a racing driver. The result culminated in the racetrack-focused Boehma, a road-legal, lightweight and highly capable supercar.

Braga Bohemia Hypercar
Photos provided by Braga

The team of engineers and designers are the brains behind Bohma Braga. They have mastered wind tunnel tests with the Formula 1 racing team to ensure the supercar has more than 900 kg of downforce at 250 km/h and a top speed of just over 300 km/h.

Unnecessary electronics and excess weight are stripped from the overall design of the car, whose frame is made of carbon fiber. For the team, it’s all about aerodynamics, lightness and track experience on highways and roads. As the team likes to say it, “Being the fastest is not just about extreme power, but obsession with weight which delivers extreme performance at just 982kg.”

Braga Bohemia Hypercar
Hypercar Prague Bohemia

Interior upgrade for everyday use

A fast car for everyday use allows the Praga to focus on features that can make everyday driving with the Boehma-filled easy. “Just because it’s born to race doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious and practical,” Team writes on her site. The Bohma then features air conditioning, specially designed luggage compartments, an Alcantara-leather interior, and ergonomics for two tall adults to sit comfortably. Gold buttons appear along the control pad, which is a deviation from the darker Pad panel. A hidden pop-up smartphone holder allows drivers to mount their device and use it for GPS navigation.

Braga Bohemia Hypercar
Side vision

The steering wheel can steal the show and it’s a Bohma exclusive. The team developed them to fit drivers’ hands, regardless of size. It’s a square shape that holds a screen in the center that shows the car’s cruising speed while buttons for driver assistance are located on the side of the screen, within easy reach of both thumbs while they’re both hanging on the steering wheel. A piece of luggage designed on one side easily slides inward for passengers and outward to secure to their gear or gear when needed.

Braga Bohemia Hypercar
rear view

A supercar to enjoy on the road

Romain Grosjean went to audition Braga Bohma in the rink of Slovakia. “It’s not a car to drive across the United States, from West Coast to East Coast, for example, if you’re looking for a nice, relaxed, smooth overland ride. But it’s a car you can really enjoy on the road, go through the ‘box and drive straight to the racetrack – And then you totally forget on the racetrack that it’s a road car.” He participates With Braga team on the company’s website.

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