The Lakers find smoother offense without a LeBron James win at the Pistons

Due to a strange glitch in the NBA schedule, the Los Angeles Lakers got about a week off after beating the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday night. Although it was seen as an opportunity for LeBron James to rest his snap dynasty to get him ready for this contest, he held out for this Lakers home game against the Detroit Pistons.

The Lakers Nation story of the week dealt with a team meeting that was seen as a reboot on how the season changed. One important discussion was how Anthony Davis could get more shots, especially in the second half when he was known to disappear late on.

After Russell Westbrook’s cryptic message about the task of getting the ball from AD, Darvin Hamm put that novel to bed quickly, quickly…

“These guys are no beginners. We have a playbook,” Hamm said after the November 6 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. You just have to be organized…he got my blessing for yelling and calling his own number. We tried to get him to go. … It’s not like, “Well, you just don’t order plays for an M.” This is not the case.”

Well, Hamm wasn’t lying or getting the message because of Davis’ monster performance against the net. In this game, AD has reserved the right to roll.

In a game that looked more like LA Fitness than the Los Angeles Lakers, Lake Show ran away from the Detroit Pistons 128-121. If it weren’t for Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, Austin Reeves and especially Lonnie Walker IV (more on him later!), it probably would’ve been more fun rearranging a sock drawer, doing dishes, or moving furniture.

Welcome back Thomas Bryant and Dennis Schroeder who made their first game of the season after matching thumb injuries that required preseason surgery.

The good from the Los Angeles Lakers win:

Lonnie Walker IV becomes a star right before our eyes!

This former University of Miami star in San Antonio is better known for his unconventional hairdo than his game. He was never able to break Gregg Popovich’s spin and he was stymied just like Dejounte Murray before he went to the Atlanta Hawks. Just like Murray in his breakout season with the Hawks, Walker IV is doing the same for the Los Angeles Lakers…

He finished with 17 points and 3 assists. Enjoy it while you can because teams will be lining up for off-season shows and does anyone think Rob Pelinka will match?

Wenyen Gabriel played a great game!

The one thing about Wenyen Gabriel that Lakers fans need to appreciate is that this guy plays hard every night and usually plays against bigger players. He’s struggled to find his offensive rhythm, but now he’s starting to slow his game down to great results for the Lakers. For the first time since perhaps JaVale McGee, this squad has a no-holds-barred, off-the-earth man looking pretty for Instagram photo posts.

He finished with 15 points and 7 rebounds (3 offensive!) with a solid drive that helped the Lakers get back into the game after falling 14 points. Never miss a shot all night long!

Kendrick Nunn (checking notes!)…drop some shots!

Sure, the Lake Show Life cast has been rough with Kendrick, but let’s be clear here. Saying he stinks would be nice based on the fact that he never made a field goal in four of the five games! He can play and he can help this team, but when he gets cold feet, he lets him manipulate other parts of his game. He finished with 10 points. Never miss a shot all night long!

Has anyone ever noticed that Anthony Davis almost screwed up the entire Detroit Pistons franchise?

You can’t find anyone with an idea of ​​how the NBA plays that will say this guy doesn’t have a top five player skill set. No one in the NBA can stop this guy based on talent alone, but his aggressiveness, or lack thereof, continues to save teams.

This guy got the big Pistons guys in foul trouble at the opening end as he kept pushing the ball into the hole and letting those guys go.

He finished with 38 points and 16 rebounds, but his will to paint kept Detroit at bay for the most part. He put up an 18-21 streak that was the dominating championship season that the Lakers signed him! In addition, there was an AD vision in the scoring column for the second consecutive game.

The bad from the Los Angeles Lakers win:

This team turns the ball too much…

The Los Angeles Lakers should have destroyed the Pistons. Look, they’re bad and they’re developing their young players in the plan. But the Lakers’ turnarounds kept their transition game going and kept this one close.

Should we let the Patrick Beverly thing go?

More mistakes than points…


This has absolutely nothing to do with the technical foul Anthony Davis made in the third quarter because he tipped Marvin Bagley III. But it’s totally understandable why he was so frustrated. Refereeing was completely inconsistent with the entire game with questionable calls. There has to be some consistency so the game doesn’t become choppy and unwatchable. Granted, the Lakers have adapted a lot better than the Pistons have because of their display at the free throw line, but fans can get tired of such really fast games.

Los Angeles Lakers win story:

Austin Reeves is more than a cheaper Alex Caruso clone!

At the start of the season, Reeves seemed like a player who was just trying to fit in with his more popular teammates. Now he looks like a big part of the spin that will be looking for his shot along with the whacky plays he’s known for…

Reeves finished with 16 points, 6 assists, and 4 rebounds. It will be interesting to see if this can hold itself up when LeBron returns. Well, let’s discuss this potential problem, shall we?

Could the Los Angeles Lakers be better off if LeBron James played ball?

For the second game in a row, the Lakers offense looked lively and the ball was bouncing. Russell Westbrook again came off the bench and increased the pace and made plays for teammates (12 assists), while Austin Reeves and Lonnie Walker IV found ways to score by getting their own shots. In short, the Lakers play more freely and the ball moves so the defense can’t catch up.

With LeBron James, the pace slows, the offense is predictable and the offense pauses while it waits for the defense to read.

  • Note that AD has been going crazy since he was infected…
  • Lonnie Walker IV looks comfy…
  • Ross collects help at a fast rate…
  • Austin Reeves will look at the basket…
  • Finally, the Los Angeles Lakers shoot better…


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