The NBA suspends Patrick Beverley Lakers 3 games to pay the Aton Suns

The NBA suspended Patrick Beverley three games without pay for “hard-bushing ‘Dean Suns’ Dean Ayton from behind and bringing him down in the fourth quarter of Phoenix’s 115-105 victory Tuesday over the Los Angeles Lakers at the Footprint Center.”

The suspension was based in part on Beverley’s “non-sporting business history”.

While playing for the Clippers, Beverly pushed Suns guard Chris Paul from behind to the floor in Game 6 of the 2021 Western Conference Finals which Phoenix won to advance to the NBA Finals.

“I would be more respectful if he shoved him in the chest when a guy confronted him,” Suns All-Star Devin Booker said after the game. The play had earlier been described as “rubbish” and something that should not have happened on the field.

In this latter incident, Booker was called for a foul as she caught Austin Reeves in the face on his attempt to block his shot with 3:55 left in the fourth quarter and Phoenix increased by 10 points.

While Reeves was on the ground, Booker and Ayton, who had caught the ball, were standing over Reeves.

Lakers senior Anthony Davis walked and started talking to Ayton when Beverly rushed in and checked Ayton, who fell on Reeves and went out of bounds.

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