The New York Rangers lose in a penalty shootout to the Colorado Avalanche

NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 25: Ryan Lindgren #55 of the New York Rangers reacts as the Colorado Avalanche celebrates victory in a shootout at Madison Square Garden on October 25, 2022 in New York City. The Avalanche won 3-2. (Photo by Sarah Steer/Getty Images)

It was a huge blow to the Rangers roster. In a game completely dominated by the Rangers at 5v5, a Powerplay goal and a poor penalty decision led to a Rangers defeat in a game where two points were up for grabs. While it’s fun to see the Rangers blow up a game they could have won, there were a lot of goodies to pull off this one as well, but this can wait.

First of all, that penalty kick in the first period where the Colorado Avalanche defender hits his defensive partner in the face with his stick and somehow they decide it’s all Alexis Lafrenière’s foul beyond me. And the complete fiasco of the review has only led to confusion. A play they can’t review because they’re only given a minor, and they’re still trying to review it. If I told you that the NHL rule book is older than Ashurbanipal’s library, would you doubt it?

Igor Shesterkin had a great and terrible game in this game. While he stopped at 42 out of 44, he also had a moment in this game that no one associated with the Rangers would want to see. His early second in the third allowed the Avalanche to take a 2-1 lead. In the end, the Rangers would score to tie the game, but it didn’t quite help the team as it did during much of his career in New York.

Alexander Georgiev would always win this match. It is sealed once the disc is dropped. It was a game that would be chased by a former keeper on his team, and Georgiev proved himself to be the best goalkeeper in this game, making 44 of 46 stops. There were 90 total shots in this game, and Georgiev seemed to be the most likely one to come up with the big stops he needed. Avalanche.

There were a few Rangers players with bumps and bruises on this one as well. Mika Zibanejad was limping at the end of extra time. Vitaly Kravtsov favored his shoulder at one point, and Shesterkin was slow to get up after crashing into the penalty shoot-out winner. You should hope for the best health of all involved, but some of it doesn’t look so good.

With this penalty shootout loss, Rangers add a point to the standings but move further away from the play-off picture. Now with a record of 3-2-2, New York is four places out of the playoffs with the team losing by only points. They are still in the research process, and while it may be too early to check the rankings at this point, I’ll keep saying that. You can’t win the cup in October, but you can certainly lose it.

New York’s next game will be tonight as they go across town to start a three-game road trip to visit little brother. That game against the New York Islanders is likely to be a good test of what this Rangers team can really do. It’s too early to start complaining or panicking, but getting more points early on the board is always a good thing. That match starts at 7 PM ET.

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