Tiger Woods congratulates Justin Thomas on Twitter after his epic PGA win

Tiger Woods and Justin Thomas have played multiple coaching tours together at the 2022 Masters.

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Tiger Woods put in another gritty performance this week at the PGA Championship to make his second consecutive major cut after coming back from a devastating car accident last February. A win wasn’t in the cards though, as Tiger had to withdraw after the third round when his injuries began to take their toll.

Although we didn’t get to see Tiger on Sunday in Southern Hills, it wasn’t all bad news for the 15-time major champion. The player who is probably their best friend on the tour wins, and an epic one at that.

Justin Thomas plays shots during the 2022 PGA Championship

Advice from Tiger Woods has turned Justin Thomas into an elite shot-maker


Luke Kerr Dineen

Justin Thomas battled through foul weather through the first two rounds to contest the 104th PGA Championship. Then in the final round on Sunday, Thomas overcame a massive seven-stroke deficit by three-under 67 to force a playoff, as he edged out Will Zlatoris to win his second career PGA title .

Thomas and Tigger have grown close over the years, playing together regularly at home in Jupiter, Florida, often at the Medallion, or hanging out at Tiger’s Jupiter Island mansion. Even Tiger’s son and burgeoning golfer, Charlie, is approached by JT. The two took their trash talk down the road to live TV at the latest PNC Championships, where Tiger and Charlie played alongside JT, his father, and PGA pro, Mike Thomas.

In early April of this year, Tiger, Justin, and Charlie traveled to Augusta National to participate in an early Masters course together, fueling speculation about Tiger’s imminent return.

Justin Thomas and Jim Bones McKay

How a well-timed ‘talk’ from Bones helped Justin Thomas win the PGA Championship


Josh Berhau

Given their history, it’s only natural that Tiger would want to congratulate his friend on his historic big win in a public forum, and on Sunday night he did just that.

Not long after Thomas hit the playoff-winning layup, Woods took to Twitter to give him his due.

“Congratulations @JustinThomas34! He held his own in this tournament till the end and once he got his shot he never looked back. Thanks to Tulsa and the PGAChampionship for a great week.”

Tiger and JT have shown they have a lot in common, and now they both own a replica of the sparkling Southern Hills Wanamaker Cup in their Florida homes. But JT will have to rack up another two weeks of PGA magic to match Tiger’s trophy-case quadruple.

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