Update August 16th: Former Cubs Javier Baez, Chris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, and Kyle Schwarber

It’s been two weeks since the last update in this series, which was posted on the day of the trading deadline. How did these four previous Cubs fare?

Javier Baez

Javy hits .263/.276/.386 (15-for-57) this month with one home run, which is…about where he’s been all year.

The Tigers were in Chicago this past weekend to play the White Sox, and as has been the case all year, Javy was booed by Sox fans. He spoke with a reporter from Bally Sports Detroit about it:

During the Tigers’ double game against the Guardians, Jaffe flew to center – on a pitch that bounced [VIDEO].

Chris Bryant

KB is still on the injured list, but this time with plantar fasciitis, which can be very painful:

“It really peaked for me in Milwaukee — we had some really long games there,” Bryant said Thursday morning. “And after today’s game, I was crawling into the bathroom on the floor of my hotel.”

There is no expected return date. The best Bryant can do is say he’s not locked out for the season, but he’s in walking shoes and can’t put weight on his foot.

The Rockies start a three-game series at Wrigley Field one month from today. It is likely that Bryant will not be ready to play by then. They had a bobblehead day for Bryant at Coors Field this past Saturday, and even one of their featured writers got a few laughs:

Bryant’s streak this year is .306/.376/.475, which is good—but he’s in just 42 games and 181 plate appearances.

Anthony Rizzo

Since the last update here, the striped Rizzo has stopped hitting—only .133/.212/.400 (4-for-30) over that stretch. Two of those four hits were home runs, though. He also missed five games due to back problems, something that bothered him a lot as a cub, as you surely remember.

Monday Night at Yankee Stadium, Rizzo pitched Ryan Yarbrough — only to be told to go back into the batter’s box [VIDEO].

Referee Plate DJ Reborn ruled that Rizzo did not try to get off the field. Such a ruling is not subject to review, so Rizzo had to go back to the box. He ended up walking out.

I can see why Reyburn ruled that way, but – doesn’t Rizzo have the right to be in the batter’s box? This pitch was off the plate and all the way into the batter’s bin (Pitch 4):

The Yankees lost the game, 4-0.

Kyle Schwarber

Schwarber’s 34 home runs remain the National League lead, though he’s only hit once this month. Overall so far in 10 games in August: .290/.405/.484 (9-for-31) with three doubles and this home run [VIDEO].

That ball has come a long way:

The Phillies currently inhabit the highest wild card spot in the National League, and if the season ends today, they will host a wild card series.

Finally, I’m so glad I didn’t have to add Willson Contreras to this article. Now, good, #ExtendWillson.


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