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Casually, to continue with Atléti’s advice, Alvaro Morata scoring the seventh goal in the 7-0 win is one of my moments in the World Cup so far. I maintain my theory that Diego Simeone only bought him to ensure he maintains an appropriate level of brilliance during each training session.

Taking a closer look at the teams, it should be noted that Ronaldo Araujo is not available for Uruguay. I doubt he would have played – Godin and Jimenez are well hidden and know each other well – but I bet he’s better than before at least, as far as he enjoys his old style of defence.

Update after yesterday’s dead yellow car arm controversies: The Green Car Hair Skriffle is warmly received by the youngest Harris. I’m still trying it in the middle of Harris, but you’ll be able to tell if it’s my eternal absence from blogs like this one.

Only 15 minutes of TV buildup before this one; Public Housing Authority. How do you squeeze 42 England camp and 27 Wales camp in a very short time? At this point, including today, there are only five days left quadruple game Tetris. Make the most of them, folks.


Uruguay (4-4-2): rochet; Caceres, Godin, Jimenez, Oliveira; Valverde, Algar, Bentancur, Pellestri; Nunez, Suarez. Submarines: Muslera, Sosa, Coates, Varela, Viña, Rodriguez, Ugarte, Torreira, Canobbio, De La Cruz, Arrascaeta, Torres, Gomez, Cavani.

South Korea (4-3-3): Kim Mooonhwan, Kim Minjae, Kim Younggwon, Kim Jinsu; Jung Wooyoung, Hwang Inbeom, Lee Jisung; Son Heungmin, Hwang Uiju, Na Sango. Submarines: Song Bumkeun, Jo Hyeonwoo, Yoon Jonggyu, Paik Seungho, Cho Guesung, Hwang Heechan, Son Junho, Hong Chul, Lee Kangin, Kwon Kyungwon, Kwon Changhoon, Kim Taehwan, Cho Yumin, Jeong Wooyeong, Song Minkyu.

Rule: Clement Turbin (France)


It would take a certain kind of silliness to describe as the dark horses of a nation that has won two World Cups, made the last eight, last 16 and last in the previous three tournaments, and has been the South American champion 15 times. . But Uruguayans begin this competition as foreigners, despite a lineage rooted in both history and contemporary.

This partly reflects the difficulty of the group they are in, but even so, the 40-1 they were available to last night does not reflect a team full of class and brutality. With Jose Maria Gimenez in defence, Federico Valverde and Rodrigo Bentancur in midfield, with Darwin Nunez and Luis Suarez up front, Uruguay are absolutely unmissable.

Nor, though, is South Korea. Son Heung-min is fit – though probably not fit – while Jeong Woo-young’s Freiburg side have made a good start to the Bundesliga season. This gives them a decent goal threat while, in midfield and defence, they are solid and secure for players who have been together for a long time.

That is, to say that the group of death will go!

Kick-off: 4pm local time, 1pm GMT

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