What is the best pie for Thanksgiving?

The number 1 pie in the country may not be what you think it is. It might break the mold to the point where it’s not even technically a pie at all.

WASHINGTON — With Thanksgiving just hours away, it’s safe to assume your cooking plans are already in the works. You can almost smell Thanksgiving dinner now. But what’s Thanksgiving dinner without dessert?

If you asked three different people what their favorite Thanksgiving dessert was, you might get three different answers. So we went to Google to find out what delicious foods people are drooling over before the holidays.

Of the four pies we looked at, two floated to the top of Google searches in the two weeks before Thanksgiving. And one of them might surprise you—because it’s technically not a pie. Although it is very popular.

Before you ask, yes, in addition to this list, we looked at banana cream pie, cherry pie, and chocolate cream pie. While people obviously Googled these things, they didn’t even come close to our top four.

Honorable mentions in this contest go to apple pie and pecan pie. Both had strong showings but didn’t get enough searches on Google to make it into the top two.

Our runner-up was pecan pie.

Pecan Pie has had some strong showings in the so-called “Bible Belt”.

Decadent therapy garnered 28% of Google searches in Alabama and Mississippi, 27% in Louisiana, and 20% in Arkansas and Georgia. It also has 20% of searches in the District of Columbia.

In third place was apple pie.

Its highest bid was in Wyoming, at 42%. Interestingly, however, it wasn’t enough Google searches to win the state. Apparently, in the state of equality, the pecan pie generated 0% of search traffic. That left the door open for pumpkin pie to sweep the competition, with 48%.

Apple pie has ranked first in one of the 50 states with only 30% of searches, Alaska.

According to Google Trends, Alaskans love their apple pie. 30% of search traffic was enough to beat two other pies by 28%.

This brings us to the top two “pies”. One option is obvious, but the other might surprise you.

Pumpkin pie is the second most searched pie in 18 states. California, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Montana…these are just some of the states that searched for more pumpkin pie than any other in the past two weeks.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: How could pumpkin pie rank second at Thanksgiving? I was surprised too, but the dessert at the top isn’t one you might think of when you think of Thanksgiving.

It’s finally something Texas, Florida and New York can agree on. They all love cheesecake.

Cheesecake, while not technically a pie because it does not have a pastry topping, looks more like a pie than a cake. And swept searches on Google in the majority of countries.

In the past two weeks, cheesecake has been the dominant search in 31 states.

Cheesecake is most commonly searched for in Delaware, with 45% of Google traffic in the Diamond State. But it had great performances in Indiana, South Carolina and Nevada with 41% of search traffic. and Tennessee and New Jersey at 40%.

This is the list. We don’t have to love it, we just have to accept it and move on.

Here is a map of Google circular searches by state if you want to examine the data for yourself:

Editor’s note: The data used in this story is from the last two weeks from Google Trends. Google is still finalizing its data from the time period, so percentages and dominance may fluctuate.

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