Why are there no NBA games on Thanksgiving?

Many fans have noted that there are no NBA games scheduled for Thursday (November 24, 2022) as all 30 teams will get the day off. The main reason is that Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. This year marks the twelfth year in a row that there have been no games on Thanksgiving.

Now, some may be wondering why there are no NBA games on a special US holiday. Given that the NBA is now a globally popular league, the decision can be a bit confusing. So on that note, here’s the most common reason why there are no NBA games on Thanksgiving.

The reason why there are no NBA games on Thanksgiving

NFL on Thanksgiving
NFL on Thanksgiving

The main reason speculated as to why there are no NBA games on Thanksgiving has to do with competition.

The NFL basically has a monopoly on the Thanksgiving schedule because it has become a tradition for sports fans to spend Thanksgiving watching football. This Thanksgiving, the NFL once again has a full slate of three primetime games.

Given that the NFL is much further back in its schedule than the NBA, it will be difficult for the NBA to compete. The NBA isn’t even a quarter of the way through its season yet, which makes the games a lot less important. Plus, there’s an unspoken rule among unofficial NBA fans that the season really starts at Christmas.

The NBA always makes sure to take advantage of that by having a full slate of about five games on Christmas Day. Likewise, the NBA is taking advantage of the New Year’s Eve schedule.

I wonder if one day the NBA will play on Thanksgiving… I know the tradition is the NFL and the NBA is Christmas but what if the top 4 teams played, would the ratings be that bad??? twitter.com/InsideHoops/st…

So really, the lack of NBA Thanksgiving games really boils down to the tradition and mutual respect between two of the major sports leagues. Plus, the NBA has an 82-game long game anyway. So it doesn’t hurt the league to give its players some extra rest and time to spend with their families.

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Youtube cover

Youtube cover

Another notable days without NBA games this season

2023 NBA All-Star Weekend Promotion
2023 NBA All-Star Weekend Promotion

In terms of other notable days this season that don’t have NBA games scheduled, there are a few others. The first was on November 8, 2022, which is Election Day in the United States. After Thanksgiving, the next holiday will be Christmas Eve (December 24, 2022).

Then, the NBA will have its annual All-Star weekend from February 17 to February 22, 2023. The last day off during the NCAA Men’s National Championship game will be on April 3, 2023.

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