Why should you keep your bag in the hotel sink when you arrive

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There’s just something about walking into your hotel room after a long flight, dumping your suitcase (and yourself) on the bed, and officially entering vacation mode. It feels all kinds of right, right? Well, apparently, one thing in this equation is everything Wrong – wronged – wronged, according to experts. And it’s the part where he tosses your entire bag onto the bed.

Believe it or not, the best place to put your luggage while staying in a hotel is not on the bed. or on the floor. Or even shove it into the locker on one of the items in the luggage rack. no; The smartest travelers know to store their bags in the hotel bathroom—or better yet, inside the bathtub.

Why should you put your suitcase in the hotel bathtub

The reason behind this is simpler than you think, but it might make your skin crawl: bed bugs. These tiny little creatures hide inside beds, sofas, and clothes and feed on human blood to survive. (Sounds like something out of a horror movie, right?) And if they’re in the room, they’ll happily jump off the bed and into your luggage and into your clothes, given the chance.

“Travelers should avoid placing their luggage on upholstered surfaces and the bed when they arrive at their destination, since bed bugs are commonly found on mattresses, box springs, and in crevices of furniture and interior furnishings,” says Brittany Campbell, Ph. D., PhD. . , an entomologist with the National Pest Management Association (NPMA).

Since they’re less likely to infest pigeons, Campbell says it’s the safest place to store your belongings when you’re away from home. You can either put your belongings in the bathtub while they thoroughly check your room for bed bugs, or leave your items in the bathroom during your entire stay. (If you leave your bag in the bathtub, just remember to take it out before turning on the shower. This could end badly.)

What’s wrong with the luggage rack?

Nothing technical Wrong – wronged – wronged Using a luggage rack for luggage, says Campbell, who points out, is better than putting your suitcase on a bed or chair—but only if it’s thoroughly checked first.

“Avoid using shelves with hollow legs, because bed bugs can hide inside the legs,” says Campbell. For added protection, you can put your bags in plastic garbage bags for the duration of the trip. Tie the plastic bag when luggage is not in use to prevent bed bugs from entering. “

Why should you worry about bed bugs in the hotel

If the thought of all this has you wondering why it never occurred to you before that bed bugs could be lurking in your hotel room, you’re not alone. That’s because the bed bug horror stories we hear most often involve home infestations, which, according to the NPMA’s 2018 Bugs Without Borders survey, happen in 91 percent of cases. But here’s another interesting fact the survey came up with: 68 percent of respondents who were treated for bed bugs stayed in motels or motels close to the time they contracted them. The reason for this is simple: bed bugs love to travel. (Almost as much as you do.)

“Basically, bed bugs can be infested anywhere people live or stay,” says Campbell. And yes, they can easily travel home with you via your trusty suitcase.

“Bed bugs are very adept hoppers due to their ability to survive in temporary habitats, such as personal belongings or under seats in cars, buses, and trains,” she says, adding that even places like home-share rentals should be checked as soon as they enter. “No matter where you lay your head at night, bringing back bed bugs is a serious problem, as these elusive pests can quickly make themselves in the home and are very difficult to get rid of.”

Akbar taken here? Even if you are booking at a 5 star resort, it is better to be safe than sorry. Doing a bed bug check first thing will ease your mind — not to mention save you a lot of stress in the long run.

How to check for bed bugs in a hotel room

There are ways to tell if your hotel room has a bad case of bed bugs. In fact, Campbell even has a mental checklist of the types you can make, once you’re in your room.

First, pull back the bed sheets so you can get a good look at the mattress seams and box springs—especially the corners. You’re looking for ink-like spots or shed bed bug skins. (Fun fact: Before reaching maturity, bed bugs shed their skins five times and require a meal of blood before each shedding, according to WebMD.)

2. Examine the rest of the room.

Your next step is to fully scan the room. Check behind headboards, peek into dressers, and examine sofa cushions and office chairs. In other words, leave no stone unturned. If your search turns up some intriguing signs of bed bugs, Campbell says you should notify hotel management immediately and request a room change.

And if this happens, I regret to say that the inspection of your room will have to start over.

“Bed bugs can move in and spread through housekeeping carts and even through wall sockets, so make sure the new room is not next to or above/below the suspected infestation,” says Campbell.

What do you do if you find bed bugs in your suitcase?

If you suspect small critters have taken over your luggage – from a hotel stay or otherwise – check your suitcase outside your home before bringing it inside. You can vacuum them quickly before storing them in a closet or above your garage, and wash and dry all of your clothes on hot cycles—even those that haven’t been worn.

Next, get a licensed pest control professional, ASAP. They can deal with any potential infestation that may have been carried into your home, and they’ll make sure the problem is fixed before it gets any worse.

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