10 ridiculous stats for the latest defunct WWE title

WWE It has experimented with a lot of concepts over the years, with the 24/7 moniker being one of the most recent accolades added to the company’s roster of belts. Overall, it must have been a huge flop given how bookish it has been over time, with the company barely giving it any attention or creativity.

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Nikki Cross was the last ever champion to have recently thrown the belt in the trash, ending her time in WWE for good. He’s of very strange pedigree, with plenty of ridiculous facts and figures adding to the belt’s hilarious and hilarious history.

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10/10 Reign four seconds

Tucker Knight

With the 24/7 Title being eligible to be won around the clock, this led to a lot of very short reigns, with the titles flipping between wrestlers multiple times in the same night.

The shortest ever reign to the 24/7 Championship came when Tucker won the title from Drew Gulak on an episode of Raw. He was immediately rolled up and pinned again, ending his reign in just four seconds. This would prove to be an impossible record to break throughout the rest of the title run.

9/10 The 24/7 rule is suspended

Despair cropped

Although the title is supposed to be defended 24/7, the title rules have sometimes been stuck. For example, Shane McMahon suspended the rules that allowed Elias to remain as the 24/7 Champion during the SmackDown main event. In addition, sometimes the belt will be defended in the ring, with the rules suspended to ensure that no one interferes.

For the belt to be called the “24/7 Championship,” it was strange to have the title rules stuck at times.

8/10 The title was purchased by Ted DiBiase

24 7 champion Ted DiBiase has been cropped

Fans will be aware of Ted DiBiase’s WWE Championship reign that didn’t end up counting. The Million Dollar Man bought the title rather than won it, with a unique way of winning the first prize.

However, DiBiase was stripped and the ruling overturned. One reign that counted, however, was the time he retained the 24/7 title, when he bought the belt from Alundra Blayze, who was seconds away from throwing it in the trash.

7/10 Change of heading 39,000 feet

R Truth and Jinder Mahal WWE 247 Plane Title

Back in the early days of the 27/4 title, WWE was quite creative with how title changes were booked, with golf courses and airports among the places where wrestlers fought for the prize.

One of the most unique changes happened 39,000 feet above the Red Sea, when R-Truth pinned the sleeper Jinder Mahal to become a champ.

6/10 Non wrestler crazy winners

Rob Gronkowski WWE 24/7 Champion

The 24/7 Championship was fun at times, as WWE sometimes crowned non-wrestlers or retired superstars with gold, leaving a legacy that has seen some truly bizarre champions.

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The list of title holders includes Rob Stone, Enes Kanter, Marshmello, WWE Account Manager Michael Giaccio, Kyle Busch, Santa Claus, Mike Rome, Rob Gronkowski, The Gobbledy Gooker, Doug Flutie, Peter Rosenberg, and even many WWE referees.

5/10 Address changed by exchange

Bad Bunny and Damian Priest
via WWE

Ted DiBiase buying the title 24/7 isn’t the only unique way he changed his belt. Bad Bunny reigned as champion 24/7 for a short time. R-Truth approached him, but instead of trying to pin him down, Truth devised a different way to get the gold back.

Truth brings some “Stone Cold” Steve Austin memorabilia to Bad Bunny, offering him a deal for the championship, which is accepted. This bad bunny is protective, but he made the title sound like a prop.

4/10 The longest reign was 112 days

WWE Reginald

As mentioned, there have been many short reigns to the 24/7 Championship, but sometimes there have been surprisingly long reigns as well, despite the 24/7 reign.

Reggie held the title for 112 days – longer than some wrestlers holding meaningful real titles. He defeated Akira Tozawa on the July 19 episode of Raw in 2021, and continued to do so through November, dodging his opponents by running all over the ring and using his parkour and gymnastic skills.

3/10 The heaviest hero – the revival

WWE 24 7 Revival Championship

When looking at championship records in wrestling, there is often a look at who is the heaviest champion. For the 24/7 Championship, the heaviest champion came when The Revival won the belt at the exact same time.

They were the title winners, weighing in at a combined 446 lbs. Only Scott Dawson would be pinned though he lost, when he was defeated by R-Truth.

2/10 Pat Patterson is the Oldest Champion

Pat Patterson WWE 24-7 Raw Champion Reunion

Pat Patterson’s gold medal time seemed to have ended many years ago, but in shock, he became champion in 2019 at the age of 78. On the Raw reunion On an episode of Raw, Patterson capitalized on The Boogeyman going after champion Drake Maverick, powering him to win.

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However, his old friend Gerald Briscoe put him backstage later in the night to take the title from him. It was a fun moment in what was otherwise a frustrating episode of Raw.

1/10 R-Truth has 54 reigns

R-Truth 24/7 Champion

For some time it felt as if the toll of R-Truth’s 24/7 reigns would never end. However, with the title now retired, Truth’s number of reigns has stopped at 54.

A lot of this was due to slow booking, but some of it was due to how strong Truth was with the belt. Technically, Truth is now the most titled wrestler in WWE history, though fans would be forgiven if they decided to completely ignore Truth’s time as a 24/7 champ when looking at the superstars winning their title.

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