2 Round NFL Mock Draft has the Browns catch a local star

Unfortunately for the Cleveland Browns, the 2022 NFL season is over even though there are seven games left on the schedule. For the Browns, the Week 12 game is the last for the QB Jacoby Brissett under the center before Deshaun Watson back from the comment.

Besides, the game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is another opportunity for the opponent to get a great running game, at least for a week.

For the fans, to find anything positive for the team, the focus should be on Watson and what they can add to the squad next season. Unfortunately, Cleveland traded his first and third round picks as part of the massive package thrown in to acquire Watson.

Although the first round is not the only round that finds a talented player, it is where many fans and phantom draftors tend to focus. We brought you the Browns’ first mock seven-round draft pick earlier this week to give you a taste of what that could have been.

The draft network just put up a two-round mock draft of its own and has a surprise player available for Cleveland in the second clip:

38. Cleveland Browns

Jackson Smith Ngeba WR, Ohio State

Amari Cooper was an excellent find for the Browns. And while there may be more pressing needs on the defensive line, Cleveland has clearly indicated that his team’s identity lies on the offensive side of football. So it is best to make sure that there are as many quality traffic capture tools as possible.

Add Smith-Njigba to Amari Cooper, Donovan People’s Jones And the David Njoku It would give Watson and crime a chance to be elite for years to come.

The Buckeye star has barely made it to play this season due to injuries. There are also some concerns about his overall size and blistering speed that will be answered in the NFL or his pro day. The combination of concerns with the talented receiver class (TDN has five receivers ahead of Smith Njigba in this mock draft) could lead to a small fall in the top half of the second round.

For the Browns, passing a talented receiver can be difficult, but the desperate need for help in the middle of their defense can be difficult to pass to another forward. The mock TDN has eight inside defensive linemen, linebackers, and safety positions that were drafted after Cleveland pulled the trigger on Smith-Njigba.

If a talented Buckeye receiver was available, would you move him up the DT/LB/S or carry the MVP by adding to the offense?

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