Andrew Wiggins details Stephen Curry’s influence behind the hot start

Andrew Wiggins racked up six three-pointers for the second straight game on Wednesday, leading the Golden State Warriors with 31 points in a solid win over the Los Angeles Clippers.

The defending champions have quietly won six of their last nine games, a loss in one of which was the absence of four starters, putting them in the .500 range.

Among the biggest reasons Golden State is in the midst of a crucial turnaround early in the season? Wiggins, who has averaged a career-high 20.4 points per game on his burning shooting 47.9% from depths since the calendar flipped to November. Those numbers aren’t far off his tall marks either.

Coming in at a career-high volume, Wiggins’ 43.5% of his three-point shooting this season is an easy feat in terms of career performance. He’s also at his personal best at 56.8% on the double, further evidence of Wiggins’ complete comfort playing in the Warriors’ read-and-response offensive system.

This stellar aptitude shouldn’t be all that surprising given Salle Wiggins’ upbringing.

Once the first choice with the Minnesota Timberwolves tasked with creating most of their offense, Wiggins has become one of the outstanding all-court basketball players with Golden State. 73.6% of his scores this season have been assisted, according to, more than 10 points from his previous career high a year earlier.

Clearly, Wiggins deserves massive credit for reinventing his game to emerge as a top-level three-point thrower and dangerous ball-breaker. But the vast majority of those sponsored scoring opportunities wouldn’t come without all the chaos that Curry’s mere presence creates, a dynamic Wiggins fully understands and appreciates.

“He’s a magician on the court. Playing alongside him, he makes everything easier,” Wiggins said of Curry after Wednesday’s game. “He attracts a lot of attention, so players have to be ready to shoot, ready to make plays, because obviously a lot of Attention will be focused on him because of his identity.”


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Wiggins, of course, isn’t the only one benefiting from the constant fear Carey stirs up at centre-backs.

The Warriors have provided at least 30 assists in the last five games Curry has played, and currently They lead the league in assist percentage at 69.4, per, a category they’ve never finished lower than a third during the Steve Kerr era.

The combination of Curry’s unparalleled brilliance and Wiggins’ blistering efficiency and a pivotal recent team meeting that underscored the need for more patience and offensive ball movement has clearly set Golden State on an upward trajectory.

“Our guys are on the team, they do a lot of good things, the ball moves, you find people. The last couple games have found me in the right place, and I just knocked it down,” Wiggins said of the Warriors’ recent offensive success. “We were sharing the ball, and everyone’s pace was good, And they play together, and that’s what makes everything connect.”

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