Despite the Timelord’s possible return at Christmas, Cs may be traded for large sums

The time for Timelord’s return is getting closer than ever, as ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said Wednesday night that Robert Williams III of the Boston Celtics will likely be back on the court in Boston by December 25. Speaking on an episode of “NBA Countdown” during the regular segment of “Woj’s Corner,” the ESPN senior writer mentioned that Williams agent Kevin Bradbury had told him he expected Texas A&M University back “by Christmas.”

“He’s progressing well with his rehabilitation,” Wojnarowski suggested. “Listen, here’s a player who’s had two surgeries in the last calendar year — they definitely want to take their time.”

Interestingly, even with Timelord likely to return, Woj believes the Celtics could be looking to further strengthen their frontcourt closer to the 2023 trade deadline.

“You start looking forward to the February trade deadline (because) I think another big guy – another center – can play on minutes in case Robert Williams is out for time or 36-year-old Al Horford is out,” he explained.

Maybe that’s the source of Brian Windhorst’s recent mention of Boston might have an interest in San Antonio Spurs great Jacob Boltel, or maybe another target. But with Horford accruing so many minutes early in the season, there are plenty of good reasons to make the move.

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