Dumoulin Competition ‘Race Against Cancer’ 2022 Campaign Beats Expectations: $116,041 Over Seven Seasons

When Dumoulin launched Season 7 of its Race Against Cancer fundraiser, the team could not have expected that all records would be broken in 2022. Our goal was to reach a total donation to the Quebec Cancer Foundation of $100,000. The call to action was answered by the people, businesses, and organizations who believed in our program from the start, and we raised a record $24,144 for the year, for a grand total $116,041 During the seven seasons (2016-2022).

We are very grateful to all of you…

“An impressive amount has been raised over the years, which is quite an achievement for everyone who has contributed. When we first got involved, we had no idea it would grow to this size and that so many people would join us in our cause. To see that we are all working towards a goal In common, with donations of all kinds, we have exceeded our goal. Thank you all for your generosity. Once again, this year our team has lost friends, Jean Beauchesne and Claudette Renault. Others are currently battling cancer, like Bernard Bellon, another member of our team. We know firsthand how much Difficulty living through those losses! These people and their loved ones all need support to live with this terrible disease.” Jean-François and Louis-Philippe Dumoulin.

Los Gerrard (Regional Center Director and Host Morrissey) Emphasize the generosity of the Dumoulin competition and those who join the movement each year. “Once again, the Dumoulin brothers and their group of friends and volunteers have shown great generosity. Over the past seven years, their commitment, creativity, and involvement have raised more than $110,000 for Quebecers affected by cancer. With their contribution, the Quebec Cancer Foundation continues its mission to provide support, care, and comfort to thousands of people and their loved ones. whose lives have been affected by cancer.

2022 activities as part of the “Grand defoulement my way Done by the “Race Against Cancer” campaign at the Dumoulin competition.

Individual donations were made, either directly on the podium or by signing the trunk lids of the cars of Jean-François and Louis-Philippe Dumoulin at races and promotional events. Fundraising activities were also organized in parallel:

  1. On March 24, VII (7The tenth) The Race Against Cancer edition was launched during a cocktail hour meeting he organized Jay Broseauan old friend of the Dumoulin family, V.I smugglers Restaurant in Trois-Rivières. A total of $3,200 was raised.
  2. staff Groupe Somavrac The money has been raised since 2016. This year, they contributed $5,000 to the cause.

“Contribute in our own way to Dumoulin”Race against cancer“For the past seven years, it is our way of honoring all Groupe Sovramac employees who have been affected in one way or another over the years by cancer. The owners and our entire team understand why, and they know that every dollar donated can make a difference to the organization,” according to Collection Somafrac employees.

  1. Developed a partnership with K-DOGS To provide meals in the center of the track in Edmonton International Raceway On July 23rd. K-DOGS has generously provided meals in exchange for a donation. NASCAR Penti Series difference and track participating employees, raising a total of $2,200.
  2. On August 23, the Dumoulin Competition threw its first ceremonial pitch at the “Trois-Rivières vulturesbaseball, and the team raised $820 from the fans.
  3. On October 15, the third edition of the 6 Hours of Silverstone Classic A virtual enduro run organized by Sylvain Bernier and Partners has taken place. 25 teams, with a total of 60 drivers, took part in the virtual Silverstone circuit. The event was a success beyond all expectations, with participants, partners and spectators raising a total of $4,500.

“Racing as an event has grown to a level we never expected. The bar has been raised, and we achieved our goals working together. It’s incredible! I would like to acknowledge the contribution of Bruno Pettitt Who helped us with videos and photos. Thank you all for your input and see you in the fall of 2023 for a fourth edition of Enduro to take advantage of the ‘Race against cancerhe explains Sylvain BernierFounder and Owner of Sly Sim Racing.

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