Each team’s selections of songs in Qatar

DOHA, Qatar — At first glance, it might not seem like Bloor, BTS, Drake, Dua Lipa, Massey, Mariachi Vargas, Men at Work, Nickelback, and Zombie Nation have much in common. It’s unlikely that they will all appear together in many audiophiles’ Spotify playlists. But they are all artists on the official list of songs played when scoring goals in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

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Before the start of the tournament, each national team submitted to FIFA up to two songs to be played on the PA whenever they score goals. Each entry was vetted by FIFA, but sources told ESPN that none were banned from the list due to their lyrical content.

Music plays an increasingly prominent role in World Cup finals, with many songs stuck in your head. When you tour Qatar, you hear echoes of past tournaments: Kenan’s “Wavin’ Flag,” synonymous with the 2010 World Cup, is a favorite here, and you can’t escape Shakira’s “Waka, Waka (This Time For Africa)” from the same tournament in South Africa.

The official anthem for this year’s FIFA Festival is Nicki Minaj’s “Tukoh Taka,” but it’s those old classics like the Gala’s “Freed From Desire” that are most popular here.

ESPN got a list of all the songs chosen by Qatar’s 32 competing nations, except for one: Senegal, a song specifically designed around the team’s stars.

The US has rapper Mase’s “Feel So Good” played to their goals, while Belgium lives up to the Red Devils’ moniker by picking MC Devil’s “Deviltime”.

Elsewhere, there are some more predictable traditional choices. Australia heads to Man at Work’s “Down Under,” while Powderfinger’s “On my mind” is the backup option. The exclusion of Australian rock legends AC/DC is a controversial call.

One Canadian option is Drake’s appearance on Meek Mill’s “Going Bad”, but it was Germany that chose Canadian rock Nickelback (“When We Stand Together”) as their celebratory tune.

Similarly, Brazil chose Escola De Samba’s Esquetado O Couro, but Holland’s selection has a similar flavor and is more universally familiar: Bellini’s “Samba De Janeiro”.

Expect to hear “Idol” by K-pop icons BTS when they record in South Korea. BTS’s Jungkook joined Qatari singer Fahad Al Kubaisi to sing “Dreamers” at the opening ceremony.

For teams like Croatia who have yet to score in a World Cup, they have anthems for Marco Lasic and Cologne whenever they break their duck, while Denmark’s choice of “Re Sepp Ten” is a song the Danish team recorded in 1986 for their World Cup campaign in Mexico at that. year, not yet heard.

“Freed from Desire” is a favorite anthem of England, Poland and Switzerland, all of whom chose the classic ’90s dance music, which was given a new lease of life when Northern Ireland brought their reworked version of “Will Grigg’s On Fire” to the 2016 European Championships.

There’s another ’90s throwback, too, with France opting for Blur’s “Song 2” — a pick that’s pleasing to anyone who heard it while playing EA Sports’ FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 — and Wales having a pair of breaststrokes in the game’s “Kernkraft 400.” Zombie Nation along with “This is Wales” by The Barry Horns, named after the 59-game Welsh midfield legend.

But whatever song is playing as you watch a team celebrate scoring goals in Qatar, just hope it isn’t spoiled by the commentator who spoke to say: VAR checks this…”

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The complete FIFA World Cup Goal Music playlist

WOS: “Light Crime”

people at work under
Powderfinger: “On My Mind”

MC Devil: “Deviltime”

Samba School: “Heating the Skin”

North Bungee: “30,000 feet”
Meek Mill featuring Drake: “Going Bad”

Legends: “Mbandha”

Costa Rica
Gandhi: “The Other Goal”
The Outsiders: “Oli-Oli”

Marco Lesek: “The Fiery Heart”
Cologne: “The world loves winners”

VM Holdet (Danish World Cup Team 1986): “Re-Sepp-Ten”

Damiano: “Ecuador, yes, I can”

Concert: “Freed from Desire”
Dua Lipa: “One Kiss”

Blur: “Song 2”

Nickelback: “When We Stand Together”

Sarkodie: “Ovitz”

HM: “Iran1400”

Ukasuka: “Syori no Emi wo Kimi To”

Hamid Bouchnak: “Allez Allez Maroc”

Mariachi Vargas: “They are from La Negra”

Shoes: “Love Tonight”
Bellini: “Samba de Janeiro”

Breasts: “Balkanica”
Gala: “Freedom from Desire”

Xutos: “My little home”
David Carrera: “Let’s Go With It All”

Hena Maak: “Al Majmoua”

Kingdom Saudi Arabia
Rashad Al Majeb: “Al Saudia”

detailed song

Across the World: “Rasta”
Svetozar Lazovic-Gongo: “Ozyko Colo”

South Korea
BTS: “Idol”
Pin via: “Shouts Red”

Gala: “Freedom from Desire”

Adnan Dogru: “Muhammad”
Saber Rabei: “Sidi Mansour”

La Planta: “Cumbia Pa La Seleccion”

United State
Mase: “Feel So Good”

Zombie Nation: “Nuclear Power 400”
The Barry Horns: “This is Wales”

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