Eichel roasts Sabers fans in exchange for Buffalo

Jack Eichel gave a hilarious look to Sabers fans after returning to Buffalo on Thursday.
Jack Eichel gave a hilarious look to Sabers fans after returning to Buffalo on Thursday.

Jack Eichel returned to Buffalo to remind him, but not until after the final whistle.

The Vegas Golden Knights forward left Keybank Center scoreless as the presumptive contenders succumbed to the Buffalo Sabers 3-1 on Thursday. While the result was hilarious on its own, considering Buffalo is struggling through just one more season wanting to win the draft lottery, Eichel’s response to the boisterous crowd of boisterous fans was even more so.

“That’s the loudest I’ve ever heard in this place,” Eshel said after the game. “It only took seven years of me leaving for them to get into the game.”

The star center took a step back from fully digging into Sabers fans to give credit at least for the small amount that was supporting his move, before taking a full leap against the pundits.

“It was a nice greeting. There were a lot of people here who were supporting me and there were a lot of people here who mocked me. “They must be booing me because they wish I was still here,” he said. “It is what it is, I’m not the first player to deal with it – so just keep going, and it was a tough game. … It’s emotional. It’s rough or rough. It’s not easy in any way. I think I probably underestimated the way it was going to feel.”

A hypothetical miscalculation of his feelings heading into this encounter may have played a factor on the ice. With goose eggs on the stat sheet, Eichel was also minus-1 with only two shots on goal.

In a strange karmic way, the two players who have formed the main part of Buffalo’s comeback – hot prospect Peyton Cribbs and reliable winger Alex Toch – Both Register on Thursday. If only one game is needed to warrant a trade to Sabers fans, having the score in your favor with Eichel eliminated and newly acquired players scoring some goals is simply perfect.

Despite public negotiations between the Sabers and Eichel regarding his choice of neck surgery, which led to his eventual trade, the 25-year-old center had nothing but good things to say about his former city and organization.

“No Bitterness,” Eshel Wednesday. “Nothing at all. I’ve had an exceptional time here in Buffalo. I’ve had a childhood dream of playing my first NHL game. The organization and the city have never been so sweet to me and my family. There’s no bitterness at all.”

Since Eichel recovered from surgery, he has three goals and seven points in 11 games for the Golden Knights, who are third in the Pacific Division with 68 points.

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