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ESPN Basketball and Fantasy Basketball Tips Cheat Sheet is your prime destination for basketball betting predictions and the best information and data to help you make smart fantasy and betting decisions. NBA game odds for November 22 are provided by Caesars Sportsbook, and fantasy tips are based on ESPN’s 10-team leagues.

What you need to know for Tuesday’s games

Lakerfeed: Lakers win three straight (all without LeBron James)…it’s a trap! The Lakers fading away at every turn makes sense tonight considering the books have been tweaked quite a bit to accommodate their recent trajectory. Over the four games James has missed, LA’s offensive efficiency has gone up (by 15.1%), but is that a predictive stat? Three of those four games have come against the three worst defenses in the NBA that are all playing in the top 12 and pace. This game is not the same as the Suns are 8th in defense and 25th in speed. Somehow, despite the paced games, the Lakers’ pace has slipped during this LeBron-less run, and it’s a big problem if efficiency drops off a cliff tonight. If James sits back to buy three more days off, pouncing on Laker’s bottom brace is the play. If he plays, be less aggressive, but still head in that direction.

Payne’s pursuit: The Suns will not have Chris Paul in tonight’s lineup against the Lakers due to a foot injury. In his place, Cameron Payne (74% available) has been very productive as a starting point guard for Phoenix, averaging 22.3 points and seventeen cents over the past week. The Lakers allowed nearly 53 Draft Kings points per game to point guards, sixth-highest in the league, helping Payne’s predictions for the night.

shake and take: Sixers hurt. Joel Embiid, James Harden and Therese Maxi have all had varying degrees of foot injuries recently. With all three stars sidelined in tonight’s highly anticipated matchup with Ben Simmons and the Nets, Shake Milton is suddenly a major fantasy factor. The combo guard has been named to just six percent of La Liga, yet has averaged 21 points while enjoying a rich 25 percent usage rate in the previous two games. That utilization rate was with Embiid, mind you, so the offensive upside is real with Milton. Meanwhile, De’Anthony Melton (80% available) intends to take the ball from the opposition, ranks eighth in steals per game and third in steals percentage this season, and should see a massive workload on both sides of the ball in the wake of injury issues. Philly.

Getting a grizzly: Memphis lists Ja Morant as doubtful to play against the Kings due to an ankle injury, while Desmond Bane is ruled out with a toe injury. Morant’s potential absence turns Tyus Jones’ coffers (88% available in ESPN leagues) into an important distribution role and a great target for assists. Dillon Brooks (43%) fills the Penn Perimeter record, after he scored 30 points against Brooklyn over the weekend. It’s also time to make sure Jarin Jackson Jr. (35%) is universally on the list, as he already has eight blocks in just two games and shot just 25 points against the Thunder.

Denver depth: Listed in only five ESPN tournaments, Bones Hyland produces large numbers of Nuggets. Denver is unlikely to have either Jamal Murray or Nikola Jokic in the lineup tonight against the Pistons, turning Hyland into a vital role. The second-year guard has averaged 21 points over his last seven games, but is now adding more assist volume with star teammates who have been sidelined. As far as it sounds, even DeAndre Jordan, the fictional free agent in nearly 99% of the leagues, has gained importance with Jokic sidelined. The former All-Star posted a season-best 17 boards last time around and could serve again against Detroit on a young court.

Jim McCormick and Kyle Suby

night game

Brooklyn Nets at Philadelphia 76ers
7:30 p.m. ET, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA

Line: Networks (-8)
money line: Networks (-335), 76 (+260)
the total: 217 points
Total expected BPI: 226.2 points
Win BPI%: networks (57.5%)

Possible: Furkan Korkmaz (knee), Tobias Harris (hip)
Doubtful: Yuta Watanabe, Nick Claxton
exclude: Joel Embiid, Therese Maxi, James Harden
Note: BPI numbers were taken into account in eliminated players but assumed questionable players would play

Fictional streamer: Shake Milton (listed in 6.0% of ESPN leagues) He is one of the few ballplayers to handle the 76ers at his disposal with injuries to Therese Maxie and James Harden. In consecutive games, Milton scored 27 or more fantasy points and played 30 minutes or more. The 76ers will count on him to produce an offense. — Moody

Fantasy streamer: Montrezl Harrell (listed in 30.6% of ESPN’s leagues) He is expected to see a significant amount of use on Tuesday night against the nets with Joel Embiid suffering a sprained midfoot. When Embiid missed the Knicks game on November 4th, Harrell scored 27 fantasy points. — Moody

Best bet: Ben Simmons 10.5+ points. Simmons is a crazy fantasy option because we know he can be dynamic in transition and pile on rebounds and assists. He finally looked eager to contribute offensively on Sunday against Memphis, and he should be even more eager to prove a point to an irate Philadelphia fan base on Tuesday. Simmons doesn’t have to contend with an injured Joel Embiid (or the team’s starting guards, for that matter), and that’s a big deal. Philly won’t have rim guards to dissuade Simmons from driving the lane. Look for the Nets to intentionally field Simmons early, drive the hostile crowd out of the game, and get double the score in the first half. – Eric Karabell

Best Bet: Kevin Durant over 27.5 points. The 76ers have no defensive lineman who can hold Durant up. In his last six games against Philadelphia, he kicked 22.2 field goals and 30.0 points. There is a strong chance the trend will continue Tuesday night vs. the 76ers. — Moody

Destroy the rest of the board

Sacramento Kings at Memphis Grizzlies
8 p.m. EST, FedEx Form, Memphis, Tennessee

Line: Grizzlies (-1)
money line: Grizzlies (-120), Kings (+100)
the total: 234 points
Total expected BPI: 236.8 points
Win BPI%: Grizzlies (56.5%)

Doubtful: I’m Morant
exclude: Desmond Bean
Note: BPI numbers were taken into account in eliminated players but assumed questionable players would play

Fantasy streamer: John Konchar (listed in 7.3% of ESPN’s leagues) On the streaming radar while Desmond Bunny is out with a toe injury. Both of Konchar’s last two matches saw him score 44 fantasy points. More gaming industry opportunities should be given to him. — Moody

Best bet: Harrison Barnes over 5.5 rebounds. Barnes has worked his way off the fantasy lists with disappointing scoring this season, but things have been better lately. Barnes is coming off a 27-point game against Detroit and, for rebounding, has eight or more boards in four of six games. He will get the most rebounds against Memphis. – Karabelle

Best bet: Kings +1.0. Support the underdog Kings against the Grizzlies without Ja Morant and Desmond Bane. Sacramento ranks second in points scored per 100 possessions in the league. The Kings also have the best effective field goal percentage in the league. Sacramento has covered the deficit in their last seven games. Moreover, the Kings are 9-0 against the odds in the last nine games they have played on one rest day. — Moody

Detroit Pistons in Denver Nuggets
9 p.m. ET, Ball Arena, Denver, Colorado

Line: Nuggets (-5.5)
money line: Nuggets (-225), Pistons (+185)
the total: 228.0 points
Total expected BPI: 228.7 points
Win BPI%: Nuggets (82.1%)

Possible: Hyland bones (hip)
Doubtful: Ish Smith (calf), Aaron Gordon (illness)
Doubtful: Jamal Murray (COVID-19 Protocols) and Nikola Jokic (COVID-19 Protocols)
exclude: Jeff Green (knee)
Note: BPI numbers were taken into account in eliminated players but assumed questionable players would play

Fantasy streamer: Bones Hyland (listed in 20% of ESPN leagues) He will witness important minutes against the Pistons, with Jamal Murray doubtful about playing. He finished with 52 fantasy points against the Mavericks on Sunday. — Moody

Best bet: Michael Porter Jr. 25.5+ points + assists + rebounds. Porter has struggled in his last three games, averaging 9.7 PPG, 3.7 APG, and 3.7 RPG. Due to the absence of Nikola Jokic, Jamaal Murray and Aaron Gordon, he is in a good position to bounce back against the Pistons. Detroit ranks 29th in points allowed per 100 possessions. — Moody

Best bet: Pistons +6.5. The Nuggets would be without several key players, giving the Pistons a chance to keep that close. In terms of points allowed per 100 possessions, Denver ranks 26th. The Nuggets have gone 1-6 for the difference in their last seven home games when they play a team with a losing record. — Moody

Best bet: Jaden Ivey by more than 18.5 points. Someone has to score for the Pistons with Kid Cunningham out and Ivey scoring 24 points in the most recent game, and he’s averaged 21 points per minute over the past five years. He caught over 16 field goal attempts per game in that span and reached the free throw line. Find Ivey to get 20 PPG on a more regular basis now. – Karabelle

Los Angeles Lakers at Phoenix Suns
10 p.m. ET, Footprint Center, Phoenix, AZ

Line: Suns (-7.5)
money line: Suns (-320), Lakers (+250)
the total: 228 points
Total expected BPI: 230.3 points
Win BPI%: Suns (75.4%)

Doubtful: LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Juan Toscano Anderson
exclude: Landry Shamet, Chris Paul
Note: BPI numbers were taken into account in eliminated players but assumed questionable players would play

Fantasy streamer: Cameron Payne (listed in 25.8% of ESPN syndications) He is another Suns player who can be successful whether you are looking for support bets or as a geographer. Like Booker, he also did well during Paul’s absence. Over the last six games, Payne has averaged 20.2 PPG, 6.3 APG, and 3.7 RPG. Over the past six games, he has scored 32 or more fantasy points in five of them, including 50 or more points in three of them. — Moody

Best bet: Devin Booker over 40.5 points + assists + rebounds. Poker has been great since Chris Paul’s exit. Over the last six games, he’s averaged 28.3 PPG, 7.2 APG, and 5.8 RPG at 36.9 MPG. The shooting guards put in some huge performances this season against the Lakers. Booker averaged 31.0 PPG, 7.0 APG and 4.5 RPG in his last two games against Los Angeles. — Moody

Edge Analytics

Highest predicted BPI totals

1 – Denver Nuggets (119.4)
2 – Brooklyn Nets (119.3)
3 – Phoenix Suns 119

The lowest expected BPI totals

1 – Sacramento Kings (109.3)
2- Los Angeles Lakers (112.1)
3- Philadelphia 76ers (112.1)

Highest probability of winning BPI (live)

1. Denver Nuggets (82.1%)
2- Phoenix Suns (75.4%)
3 – Brooklyn Nets (57.5%)

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