Haniger’s future, how the Mariners benefit from leaving two big names with their teams

The Mariners were the talk of baseball last week with two notable moves involving popular players, and they are considered a team to watch for the rest of this season.

Morosi: Why the sailors will be patient in tackling the middle field

S0meone who has been connected to the Mariners and the rest of the MLB is John Morosi from MLB Network, who joined Wyman and Bob on Seattle Sports 710 Monday mornings for his weekly chat. Here is a little bit of what Morosi had to say about the sailors and the offseason.

What’s next for Mitch Hanegger?

Someone Mariners fans are watching closely is outfielder Mitch Hanegger, who is far and away and could lose Seattle’s biggest name this season in free agency.

Haniger, 32 next month, is a great player and great when he’s healthy, but staying on the court has been an issue for him, including in 2022 when he missed more than 100 games with an ankle injury. It came after Hanegger’s 157-game 2021 season, but the big year came after he missed all of 2020 and most of 2019 due to multiple surgeries.

When the offseason began, the reunion between Haniger and the Mariners made a lot of sense for both sides, but Seattle has since traded in for All-Star cornerback Teoscar Hernández, who plays primarily right field — Haniger’s center — and also bats right-handed and for power. .

And the According to MorosiHaniger has a very large market, having reported interest from the LA Dodgers and Angels as well as the Texas Rangers.

“I think right now, all indications are that Mitch Hanegger is playing somewhere else in 2023 and beyond,” Morosi told Wyman & Pope Monday night. “At this point, interest in him is strong around the majors from what I can tell. There are probably six teams involved to varying degrees. And it doesn’t seem to me at the moment that the Mariners are one of them interested in bringing him back.”

With the addition of Hernandez, Morosi believes it is “not entirely appropriate” for Hanegger to return to the Mariners.

“I think the only difficult part for Mariner fans other than how they feel about Mitch is that it’s totally plausible now that he’s in the division,” he said.

The Angels in particular are interesting, Morosi said, because Haniger has great numbers against them, especially in Anaheim. Outside of T-Mobile Park in Seattle, the stadium where Haniger hits the most home runs and leads in most runs is Angel Stadium.

Morosi said that despite their struggles in the past few years and an epic meltdown after a stunning start to 2022, the Angels don’t seem to be “running” in 2023, as evidenced by their lucrative three-year deal with former M starter Tyler Anderson and their interest in Haniger and high-profile free agents. others.

“They seem intent on giving this a go even more with (Shuhei) Ohtani still on the roster, with (Mike) Trout still playing quarterback, with (Anthony) Rendon healthy,” he said. “The Angels are hoping that the whole of 2023 will look a lot more like the first six weeks of 2022. And while that may be wishful thinking, they are taking some steps toward making it happen.”

High losses to other teams may greatly affect the Mariners

Host Robert Turpin asked Morosi’s thoughts on the New York Yankees and their star free agent Aaron Judge, the 2022 AL MVP.

Judge is not certain to return, and if he does leave, the Yankees will have plenty of work to do after a year of winning 99 games, taking the AL East crown and moving it up to the ALCS.

“Without the judge, they’re more than one player away from becoming a World Series team,” Morosi said. “And apparently they were just swept away by the Astros where they weren’t really close.”

After defeating the Mariners in the ALDS in a very close three-game sweep, the Astros—who won the AL West division and led the American League in wins with 106 to the Mariners’ 90—had almost no problems against the Yankees in sweeping four games before winning the World Series.

Morosi said the big divider for Houston compared to the rest of baseball is their youthful pitching development.

So how do the Yankees and Astros talk about the Mariners’ league? Well, Morosi thinks it’s a real possibility Judge will leave New York for another team, and he also thinks Houston could potentially lose AL Cy Young Award winner Justin Verlander to free agency.

“I would say it’s 60-40 they’re going to lose to Verlander,” he said of the Astros. “I really think that’s the case. But they’ve got so much depth on the field, that they’ll be able to handle that and still be the best team in the MLS.”

“I think from my point of view, Seattle should approach this season and basically say listen, we’re really close to being one of the best teams in this league, especially with a full year of (Luis) Castillo, with a totally mature guy (George) Kirby and (Logan) Gilbert feel ready to go.” “I think they’re making some moves with Houston in mind. And if Judge leaves the Yankees and signs with San Francisco, that’s great news for the Mariners.”

If Judge did in fact leave for another team and/or Verlander left the Astros, that would pull the Mariners “a lot closer” to the Astros, who are currently viewed by Morosi as “clearly better” than Seattle in the MLS. This is particularly the case if the judge has left New York.

“I’m not sure I would say that about any other American League team,” Morosi said.

Listen to the full conversation at this link or in the player below.

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