Her boyfriend doesn’t have money to go on a trip, so this woman goes by herself and gets told

Spending some quality time with your loved one is important as well as very necessary. However, considering the amount of people who tend to spend time working and running around doing various tasks, having such quality time becomes a bit of a hassle. This is when it’s time to slow down and go for a little vacation. Especially if it’s a place you’ve never been to, which makes it even more fun when you spend it with someone you love. Reddit user @u/Fireheart527 decided to share the situation she got into when she tried to plan a short getaway to see her friends but ended up getting into an argument with her boyfriend. The post, which received more than 4,000 upvotes, prompted a heated discussion among other Reddit users.

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For some people, traveling is one of the best ways to spend their free time

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The 29-year-old said she saw an opportunity to visit some friends in another city because she had found some cheap airline tickets. Knowing the deal wouldn’t be around for long, she told her boyfriend of 31 years about it and asked if he’d like to join her. However, the man shared that at this point he was not able to go with her due to his difficult financial situation and the fact that his young daughter was visiting her this weekend. After hearing this, the author of the post decided to go it alone and use this opportunity to see all her friends who live in that city.

A Reddit user wanted to know if she was wrong to go on a weekend trip alone, leaving her boyfriend alone

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Once the guy finds out that she went alone, he is really upset with her even though he invites him to go with her

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After the man learns that she went off on her own, he is furious with her because he thought it was something she did behind his back and that they should have discussed it. He proceeds to say that he really wants to see that city, but she assures him that they can go together again. The OP realized her boyfriend’s actions were controlling, but still wanted to ask others online if she was really at fault for leaving her partner for the weekend.

The author of the post didn’t fully understand why her boyfriend was angry with her and found his behavior “controlling”

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Several Reddit users agreed with the woman that this was not normal behavior and that his actions actually seem like red flags. One commenter asked the woman if she hadn’t broken up with her boyfriend at that point because of her previous engagement as she had already complained about her partner’s behaviour. The woman then revealed that, in fact, it was true that they were no longer together, but the reason she decided to post her situation and ask for others’ opinions was because her ex-boyfriend was telling everyone that he broke up with her because she wasn’t a team player in their relationship. This caused her to create the post and discuss the matter publicly. What do you think about this case? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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A lot of users online were supportive of the original poster and saw some flaws in the guy’s behaviour

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Some people online were curious to know if the woman had actually broken up with her boyfriend

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