Here are 5 amazing destinations visited by this ultra-luxury yacht (photos)

One of the best ways to cross faraway destinations and exciting experiences off your travel bucket list is to take a cruise.

And with the scenic eclipse, the world is your oyster. Embarking on voyages of discovery and discovery to some of the world’s most beautiful regions, the ultra-luxury cruise line offers passengers the opportunity to visit famous hotspots as well as picturesque little ports in more than 50 countries.

You’ll also be able to see these places in unparalleled luxury thanks to the cutting-edge Discovery Yachts, which include grand suites, gourmet dining, nine bars and lounges, a luxurious spa, and even a butler. Talk about traveling in style, eh?

With a dream cruise vacation on our minds, we decided to compile a list of some must-see destinations frequented by scenic Eclipse Cruises. Warning: You are about to catch a travel bug.


Fascinating eclipse

As one of the most remote regions in the world, Antarctica is a truly unique location that offers breathtaking scenery, fascinating history, and amazing wildlife. Prepare to be in awe from the moment you step foot in the snow.

Upon arrival, passengers will be guided by Scenic Eclipse’s expert discovery team through unique landing sites, following in the footsteps of famous explorers. Extensive activities here range from kayaking to stand-up paddle boarding, and you’ll also have the chance to get up close and personal with uncharted territory on Zodiac Tours to stunning glaciers.

Each Discovery yacht has been specifically designed to the highest standards to operate in some of the most extreme environments on earth, making it the perfect way to see the region. And with two advanced helicopters on board and a specially designed submarine (Scenic Neptune), passengers get an unbeatable exploration experience.

Baltic and Straits

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This cruise on the Baltic Tradewinds Route will take you to some of the most amazing and magical locations on earth. Discover the hidden gems of Gdansk in Poland, the medieval beauty of Tallinn Estonia and the modern arts and culture scene of Finland’s capital, Helsinki.

Meanwhile, scenic cruises in Eclipse’s Fjords allow you to take in the breathtaking natural beauty of Scandinavia as you venture to the rugged, rocky peaks of the Lofoten Islands, the fairytale city of Copenhagen, and the charming little town of Bergen, Norway.

Western Europe

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Scenic Eclipse cruises to Western Europe offer travelers the chance to immerse themselves in a plethora of different cultures, landscapes, and cuisines.

This epic adventure along the Atlantic Ocean allows you to see Portugal’s beautiful canals in the port of Leixões, explore some stunning Baroque architecture in Spain, stroll through scenic little medieval villages in France, view the beautiful lochs of Scotland, and discover tales of Ireland’s past centuries.

Step straight out of your ultra-luxury yacht and walk the cobblestone fairways of these historic and picturesque sites, each oozing with historic charm.

The Mediterranean Sea

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From the French Riviera to the sunny Italian coast, a cruise through the Mediterranean is sure to keep you warm.

Here, you can discover endless beaches, warm waters, and world-class seafood, while visiting popular destinations like Lisbon, Seville, and Barcelona. You’ll also be able to explore the quaint fishing villages of Portofino and Sicily, as well as the charming French coastal towns of Monte Carlo, Saint-Tropez, and Collioure. Activities range from extensive canoeing and paddle boarding programs to water skiing and snorkeling.


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With its azure seas, sunny sands, and swaying palm trees, a trip to the picture-perfect paradise that is the Caribbean gives visitors a glimpse into exhilarating island life.

With its year-round sunny climate, the region offers the best tropical vacation experience. From Barbados to the Bahamas and from Panama to Jamaica, there is something for everyone here. Travelers can stroll through tropical trees, climb a volcano, snorkel in gorgeous coral reefs, sunbathe on gorgeous beaches, or just stroll through towns while chatting with friendly locals and enjoying colorful cuisine.

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