It’s all about giving back: The stars are looking to fix mistakes on Tuesday

dallas – A lot of things went wrong for the stars on Saturday afternoon.

Jake Oettinger He left the game with a lower body injury, Dallas went on to take several penalties, and the New York Rangers emerged victorious 6-3 at the American Airlines Center.

It was a very confusing day in the midst of a successful start to the season.

The speculation is that Oettinger tweaked something when his skate hit a pole, causing him to remove himself from the game in the second period. It was very unusual for the 23-year-old.

“The fact that he left the game is not a good sign,” said Stars coach Pete DeBoer, adding that goalkeeper coach Geoff Reese said it would take a long time for Oettinger to leave.

Video: DeBoer after the game against the Rangers

“Jeff said he didn’t see him remove himself from the game, so maybe that’s the worrying piece,” DeBoer said. “Fingers crossed, he just adjusted something, and he’ll feel better in 48 hours. It looked like he had his skis on the pole. I didn’t really see it, but that’s what Jeff told me.”

Oettinger’s health is huge for many reasons. First, he was one of the best goalkeepers in the league early in the NHL season. Secondly, the Stars are tough against the salary cap and will have to make some moves to call up another goalkeeper. Much of that will be settled before Tuesday’s home game against the Kings, but the fact that the Stars are even talking about how tight their salary cap is (they’re about $70,000 under the cap now) is cause for concern.

Dallas has a strong goalkeeper Scott Wedgwood, so there is confidence in this department. Wedgwood was called up and had to adapt quickly. He stopped eight of his nine shots to finish the second half, then was volleyed in the third.

“I thought Wedgy came in and did a really good job,” DeBoer said. “I wish we could have played better with him.”

video: White Johnston On how to improve his game

There were some glitches in this dirty game. The Rangers had nearly 30 good scoring opportunities and went 2-for-5 on power play. Dallas allowed a season-high six goals and lost to 5-3-1.

“We’ve never really had a game like this,” Stars said offensively. “We’ve never blown a game so wide, we’ve never dealt with it this season.” Jason Robertsonwho had a goal and help. “We have a large leadership group and we are all awaiting a response on Tuesday.”

Robertson scored the go-ahead in the third, but the Rangers challenged for offside, and replays showed Joe Pavelsky He was offside when the team entered the offensive zone. This shift in momentum was huge for the Rangers.

“That was definitely a turning point,” said Robertson. “But our streak was there when they scored the game-winning goal. We were in their area playing and everything, and you can’t just slip out of there and make those mistakes. They took advantage.”

Video: Jason Robertson on the call without a goal

The Rangers scored three goals in two minutes in the third period and that changed everything.

“I didn’t like our attention to detail. I didn’t like our execution. They looked a little faster and a little hungrier,” DeBoer said. “That said, we moved into third place, we still had a chance to get the points, but we didn’t. It was similar to the Ottawa game where we didn’t play like we needed to play but you go to get games like that, you have to find ways to get on the points.”

Video: Wedgwood on the disallowed goal

On the good side, the stars do have problems they can fix. They can take fewer penalties to one, which has been somewhat of a problem for most of the season.

“We’ve talked about it, and they know it’s a problem,” DeBoer said. “It takes us out of the rhythm of our four-line game. It turns it into a special teams game and changes the momentum. The iceman’s time goes down, and we’ve talked about all of that.”

Now, they need to go fix it.

Whether they are trying to do it with Oettinger in goal is not yet clear. But the season is going no matter what, and both Wedgwood and his team mates are ready if he needs to step in.

“I’ll take them – the next guy mentality,” Wedgwood said of the prospect of him getting more from the match. “I will do everything I can to help the team win and fill in their place.”

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