Mayreau’s appeal brings Martiniques to the island again and again (+ VIDEO)

by Eldonte Samuel

The allure of Mayreau Island in the south of the Grenadines is so alluring that one Martinique resident says he couldn’t resist frequent visits there.

A Martinique resident told SEARCHLIGHT that Mayreau and her beauty keep him coming back every year.

He said he’s been to the island for over 20 years, so that works out to about 10 times a year.

Mayreau in the Southern Grenadines, is among the “must see” places for visitors.

But on November 11, a raft, The Emotions 2, taking members of local media organizations, dropped anchor on the small island.

The Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Sustainable Development and Culture gave a guided tour to Mayreau and the Tobago Cays marine park.

Darren Friday, the boat’s first officer, said passengers usually leave positive comments about their experience on the houseboat, praising the way it handles rough waters.

“Yesterday, one of the tour guides told me that they want to use this houseboat again for the next tour,” said one Bequia resident.

One of the islands that make up the Tobago Cays

When asked about the record high numbers of tourists expected this season, the first officer said for them, it’s been off to a rocky start, but he hopes things will change for the ship.

He said on Friday that when cruise visitors dock on some of these islands in the Grenadines, they won’t be able to spend as much time enjoying the scenery as cruise ships are strictly timed and usually leave Kingstown dock between 5:00 and 6:00. evening

“They never used to leave five, or six, they used to leave at night so you have time to breeze in and come back… You have to start with people first, start doing something to get the cruise ships to say, ‘Stay here until ten at night’.” We can figure something out, then we’re fine.”

The Emotions 2 docked in the waters of Tobago Cays Marine Park, where senior park ranger Benjamin Wilson gave the media a brief overview of the islands and some of the marine park rules and regulations.

“So… there’s no pacing. You’re not allowed to leave trash here; yachtsmen aren’t allowed to dump sewage into the garden, like in a toilet, so you have to use your own holding tank while you’re here.”

Wilson explained that these rules and regulations were put in place to preserve the ecology of the islands and protect all the wildlife that live in the Tobago Cays Marine Park.

The Ministry of Tourism expects a great tourist season 2022/23.

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