MLB RUMORS: Rays swim in Brandon Nemo’s free agency pool; The Padres are looking at shortstops, even with Tatties

Thanksgiving week tends to be a slow week when it comes to hearth hot season. However, some are likely to re-awaken from their slumber the day after the holiday, prompting a new outpouring of rumours, news and notes. With that in mind, you’ll find all of the highlights from Friday below.

Rays are after Nemo

The Rays are among the teams interested in slaves to free center Brandon Nimmo, according to the New York Post’s John Heyman. Heyman also mentions the Giants, Blue Jays, and Mets as interested parties.

Nimmo is, by far, the best field option available in an arid market. CBS Sports ranked him the seventh best free agent, writing the following:

Juan Soto. Freddie Freeman. Bryce Harper. Aaron Judge. Paul Goldschmidt. What do these five players have in common? They’re the only speculators with at least 1,000 boards during the pandemic era who hit base more frequently than Nimmo did. He’s more than just an outfielder: He’s made improvements as a center fielder and as a platoon hitter, with his last two seasons representing two of his three best single-season performances against the Southpaws. If there is a stain on his shirt, it is his durability. Nimmo has appeared in more than 100 matches only twice (three times if you divide his 2020 campaign by 162 matches). The body does tend to get sturdier with age, but Nimmo’s better bat and mid-field glove should net him a lucrative long-term deal anyway.

The Rays, who extended an invitation to longtime quarterback Kevin Kiermayer earlier this winter by turning down a club option, would seem like an unlikely candidate for Nemo. They rarely hand out the kind of long-term deal that Nimmo appears to be in line to receive, and a short-term loaded deal by one of these larger market teams is also presumably matched (or dropped) in competition for its services. However, the Rays were said to have been a finalist in Freddie Freeman’s offseason last season, so who knows.

The Padres are interested in shortstops, including the Bogarts

You can never count on Padres General Manager AJ Briller to make a splash. That’s why it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise when New York Post’s John Heyman reported Friday that Briller and the Padres are interested in adding shortstop, with Xander Bogaerts emerging as a possible candidate.

CBS Sports recently ranked Bogaerts as the 5th best free agent available this season:

Bogaerts is Max Martin of shortstops, a consistent hitmaker with a sparkling trophy case. In each of the past five seasons, he has appeared in at least 84 percent of his team’s games and has produced an OPS+ north of 125. He can bat for average, he can walk, and he often hits for power. This season has proven to be an exception to that last note, though a late May collision with Alex Verdugo resulting in wrist and shoulder discomfort may have been to blame. Defensively, Bogart has been a few years away from shortstop for ten years now. Statcast data confirms that he still lacks top speed or arm strength relative to his peers. It’s not easy convincing a big league team that you can play in the Six for this long unless you do something right. Even if the next employer asks Bogaerts to move elsewhere, give him credit for the hard work he put into improving his defense. Do note that Bogaerts opted out of his contract with three years and $60 million left, suggesting he’s looking to improve AAV’s $20 million. He should easily.

The Padres seem like an unrealistic candidate for Bogart. After all, they’ve already hired Fernando Tatis Jr. and Ha Seung Kim. San Diego could move Tatice to the field and Kim to a backup role, at Hyman’s discretion. Of course, the most likely outcome is for the Padres to end their pursuit once bids are raised, or after another notable addition is made. San Diego has already been linked to Jose Abreu.

Adames, Brewers have discussed the extension

Willie Adams, who is two seasons away from free agency, had broached an extension with David Stearns before the latter stepped down from his position at the top of Milwaukee’s baseball operations division, according to’s Adam McCalvey.

“We had conversations about that, and I told them I obviously wanted to stay,” Adams said. “I love it here. I just have to do my job and let my clients deal with that.”

The Brewers actually cut ties with Hunter Renfroe and Brent Suter this winter, leading to speculation that they May continue to dismantle their list to cut salaries. Hence, Adames makes an obvious trade candidate due to his proven track record and relatively low cost against the best free agent shortstops.

Assuming Beer is still interested in extending Adames, though, it seems more likely that he’ll stay in town until those talks are finalized.

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