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After, after The Bear Restaurant In 2021 Japanese studio decode (Le Restaurant de l’Ours, Meg’s Monster) decided to launch another of its games onElectronic shop Nintendo Switchbut also computer Across steam : fishing Paradiso. Available at a price €12.59 instead of €13.99 until June 20thFishing Paradiso originally came out in 2019 android et al iOS. It can be played in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and Korean, in addition to English and Japanese. For a few months, Odencat plans to add a French translation soon. Hunting Paradiso is described as a RPG, unique narrative adventure and hunting game With a great story. Odencat explains that he was Driven story And designed to be both Therapeutic and captivating With relaxing gameplay and RPG-like progression system. Moreover, the developers of Fishing Paradiso consider it as Continuation of the game The Restaurant of the Bear. There are also characters Our “and others” chat that appear in the story.

Note that the original game on Android and iOS is available for free, but with ads and in-game purchases (unless you have a Google Play Pass subscription). The Switch and PC versions do not contain ads or in-app purchases, but are therefore paid. Moreover, the soundtrack is composed by Shion (as was the case with Le Restaurant de l’Ours) is available for download on Steam. The platform also offers a free demo of the game (however it is not available in the eShop).

The bad news: you’re dead. Good news: at least you’ve made it to heaven! This is how the story of Fishing Paradiso begins, which inevitably recalls Le Restaurant de l’Ours which offered a somewhat similar environment where the dead could enjoy their last supper. This paradise, we find ourselves on a small desert island in the middle of the ocean. This paradise is very special, because it does not correspond to the image one might have of such a place. For example, there are no gates to heaven, or angels singing together to welcome us, only trees Palms and a pesky little bird to keep us company.Besides, it can start to rain and we have nothing to protect ourselves.No food…But we soon find an old fishing rod laid at the edge of the beach.

We will therefore have to learn to hunt for food and, little by little, we will fortunately meet several characters thanks to the small boat that we can use with the Cieléphone. With this device, we can plan hunting trips, improve the equipment we have available, and accept orders from the inhabitants of Paradise. If we can fulfill their desires, we will get close to them and this will also open up new fishing grounds with new fish. It will also lead us to uncover the secrets of the afterlife and the mythical fish god. The more fish you catch, the more you get access to new environments to explore, but also to new main missions and new characters to befriend. In total, there are more than 90 different species of fish that can be caught in strange yet fantastical ecosystems. The game offers different environments such as mountain, sea, and even the milky way, hell…

Odencat describes Fishing Paradiso as easy to pick up, but hard to master. At first, we can think that it is a title with simple and relaxing gameplay that gets repeated over and over again, but the developers promise that it will quickly become addictive and demanding as we progress and as we approach the end of the adventure. The game allows us to trace the relationships with the characters, and thus find out what our bonds are with them. Among them, some come from Le Restaurant de l’Ours. In addition, we can decorate our cottage with the recovered furniture by carrying out specific tasks, which we can also arrange freely.

Finally, there is a restaurant system called “Amis Gourmets”, which is located…in Restaurant de l’Ours, hence the connection between the two games. It allows you to unlock dozens of additional events to create bonds with each character you encounter during the adventure. Note that there is currently a bug where the restaurant menu is not opening. It will be fixed via an update available on June 6, but it can be circumvented by catching 15 clownfish.

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