NN Prediction Contest – Week 12: 49 The contestants try to keep up with the Saints

The 49ers posted a three-game winning streak to move back to the top of the NFC West standings at 6-4. After demolishing the Arizona Cardinals in Mexico City, the Niners returned home to host the New Orleans Saints. Will the 49ers be able to keep up the positive momentum at Levi’s Stadium this week?

Because of our sponsorship with Tallysight, we have to pick each game. But, as always, we’ll narrow it down to six for you below. Odds for all games are available on the DraftKings sports website.

Bills on black: It looks like the Lions have turned the corner and Josh Allen has looked like a lesser version of himself since suffering an elbow injury. If you want an upset case, it starts with an Allen elbow burn in a short week. +330 for Lions isn’t good enough to get me to pull the trigger, though.

Cowboys Over Giants: This game could be interesting if both teams are healthy, but the Giants are very depleted and that probably keeps things from getting interesting.

Vikings over Patriots: I understand the skepticism about the Vikings, especially after receiving an ugly blow from the Cowboys. But the Patriots haven’t looked great this year either, and Minnesota is just -135 at home.

Planes over bears: I tend to pick Chicago at +215 simply because they have the best quarterback. I don’t have high expectations for Mike White this week, but I think Zach Wilson was so lacking that I think the Jets will continue to pull this off.

dolphins During Texas: Whether it’s Davis Mills or Kyle Allen at quarterback, I’d be shocked if Miami pulled it off.

Box more Brown: I don’t choose Brown with Watson.

Broncos on the Panthers: The Panthers are underdogs at home, which is usually a combination I wouldn’t pick against, but Carolina seems to be in a league of its own this season.

Crows over jaguars: In possibly the most interesting encounter of the week, the Jaguars are coming off a bye while the Ravens put up an underwhelming showing against the Panthers. I’m into Lamar Jackson, but the upset won’t shock me.

Titans on Bengals: The Titans are underdogs at home and I don’t expect the Bengals defense to be able to slow down a run.

Falcons above the leaders: Leaders like odds makers who actually buy this last stretch are favoured. The Falcons were just too formidable to be +170 against Washington.

chargers On the Cardinals: Both teams have had poor performances this season, but the Cardinals may be heading into the toughest season in the NFC.

Seahawks On the Raiders: The easiest pick of the week.

49ers On the saints: The only reason the Saints are chosen here is to expect the Niners to lose another game that they shouldn’t.

Kansas City over the Rams: None of the match schedule makers expected this.

Eagles over Packers: The Packers will need a running back game from Aaron Rodgers to have a chance, and that’s a tough ask against the Eagles defense.

Steelers On ponies: Let’s just say I’m not a huge believer in the Jeff Saturday miracle.

Make me believe they won’t have another performance let down.

Mark’s prediction history:

Week 1: 7-8-1
Week 2: 9-7
Week 3: 7-9
Week 4: 9-7
Fifth week: 8-8
Week 6: 8-6
Week 7: 9-5
Eighth week: 10-5
Week 9: 8-5
Week 10: 8-6
Week 11: 10-4
Overall: 93-70-1

Here are the six matches for this week’s competition:

Bears @ Jets, 10:00 a.m. PT

Broncos @ Panthers, 10:00 a.m. Pacific

Ravens @ Jaguars, 10:00 a.m. Pacific

Bengals @ Titans, 10:00 a.m. PT

Chargers @ Cardinals, 1:05 PM Pacific

Saints @ 49ers, 1:25 p.m. Pacific

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