Six of our favorite rangefinders are on sale this Black Friday

Six of our favorite rangefinders are on sale this Black Friday

Six of our favorite laser rangefinders are on sale this Black Friday! These are easily some of the best Black Friday gold deals (Opens in a new tab) on the market now. Unfortunately the best rangefinders (Opens in a new tab) It doesn’t come cheap, and it’s always wise to wait for sales to adjust your distance reader. We’ve taken the time to go through some of the best Black Friday laser rangefinder deals (Opens in a new tab) But here we’re highlighting some of our favorite rangefinders that are now available at Rock Bottom Golf (Opens in a new tab).

Blue Tees Series 3 Max Laser Rangefinder Review

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Blue Tees Golf Series 3 Max Rangefinder (Opens in a new tab) It is a laser rangefinder with excellent looks and performance without the hefty price tag. We got our hands on this laser earlier this year (Opens in a new tab) The user experience was near flawless with the screen displaying accurate distances quickly and with minimal fuss. Brand new to a serious contender in this category, Blue Tees has produced a convenient and trustworthy rangefinder that will help you accurately determine any distance in the course. The pink version of this laser is $70 off at Dick’s Sporting Goods, and if pink isn’t your color, a navy version is also available for a saving of $40!

Shot Scope Pro LX+ review

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The first is the excellent Shot Scope Pro LX + Rangefinder (Opens in a new tab)which was included in the 2022 Editor’s Choice Awards (Opens in a new tab). The LX+ is currently available for a savings of $50 and is one of the best rangefinders on the market. It features a unique under-eye LCD screen, which is not usually seen on many other golf rangefinders, and displays yardage and other useful bits of GPS information. While this is a rangefinder first and foremost, it can also track your footage throughout your round, making it a great 2-in-1 product if you don’t want to take advantage of one of the best Black Friday GPS watch deals. (Opens in a new tab).

Shot Scope Pro L1 Laser Rangefinder review

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Its namesake, Shot Scope Golf Pro L1 Rangefinder (Opens in a new tab) It is also featured on this list and is more suitable for golfers who don’t necessarily need all the fancy bells and whistles in their rangefinder. It does exactly what you’d expect a laser to do; Delivering fast, reliable yardage wherever you are on the course. in the exam (Opens in a new tab)were impressed with how light it was, similar to the GolfBuddy GB Laser 1S Rangefinder (Opens in a new tab) Which is also available to save 46% at Rock Bottom Golf. GolfBuddy is a leader when it comes to producing top of the line golf GPS technology and this range finder is no different. Weighing only 6.7 ounces, this laser packs a lot of technology, with a range of up to 880 yards, accuracy to within one yard and 6x magnification – all of which make it a great tool for golfers of all abilities.

Precision Pro NX9 rangefinder

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Nikon Coolshot 50i (Opens in a new tab) It also earned a spot on our 2022 Editors’ Choice list, for being one of the coolest rangefinders on the list because it comes with a magnetic mount that allows you to mount it to the metal supports on your golf cart! To save $60, this is definitely a rangefinder you shouldn’t turn up your nose at.

Finally comes the Precision Pro NX9 non-sloping rangefinder (Opens in a new tab), which is currently available to save 39% at Rock Bottom Golf. Precision rangefinders are undoubtedly one of our favorite rangefinders (Opens in a new tab) At Golf Monthly, this offer offers ease of use in spades. The NX9 is fast, reliable, and delivers mileage in little to no time at all. Its compact design means it is extremely easy to use and comes with a two-year replacement warranty. While these are all excellent lasers, if you’re still not sold and want to take a look at some discounted options, check out the best Black Friday golf Rangefinder deals. (Opens in a new tab).

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