The biggest partywear trends of 2022

It’s that time of year again when your couch becomes a distant friend and your pets make you feel guilty every time you rush outside. One thing you don’t have to worry about besides counting the last time you got five a day (currants in mince pies don’t count) is what to wear to your calendar of events that consume every aspect of your being until January 1st. over here, Vogue magazineThe crash course guide to staying stylish this holiday season.

time travel

Nothing says “investment wardrobe that’s done its homework” quite like slipping into the bar in an archive soft-sequin Dolce top (as per Hailey Bieber’s recent bust) or a red-hot Dior mini dress from 2003 (cheers to you EmRata) . The rare retro flip is an instant conversation starter with those with a taste for nostalgia after a Negroni (Spagliato) or two, and fellow eBay geeks who love the thrill of the chase. Short time? Why not borrow a cool Fendi Baguette or Chanel from the Karl Lagerfeld era Target Like Cocoon Club?

Noughties fashion now, courtesy of EmRata at Dior Spring/Summer 2003.
Mark Piasecki

This old LBD? It’s Dolce 2000.

be a borrower

Renting one-time party wear will also result in green points and avoid same-dress disasters. Aren’t you wearing your safe Molly Goddard or Janie clothes this season? Someone else might jump at the chance to borrow. Top lenders on apps such as By Rotation can earn up to £20,000 a year, making this past year’s list of wardrobe favorites well worth the effort of shooting and uploading. Remember to engage with potential renters (shading isn’t so fun now, is it?), learn about special details (cute packaging is a plus) and to price your items sensibly (a fraction of the RRP). That rental pot could be a nice Christmas bonus—provided you don’t immediately spend all of it on’s new partnership with HURR.

sheer delights

It seems incomprehensible that people would want to show off their naked bodies after weeks of wrapping Brit’s Christmas sandwiches, but here we go. Fashion’s appetite for “sexy” is as relentless as Pete Davidson’s dating life, so prepare yourself for a season of slinky mini dresses and sheer sheaths pretending to be dresses. Maximize the trend’s potential by scoring a whisper of a vintage relic, like Kate Moss’s Last Twenties number, and enjoying cocktail hour with the air of a gorgeous silver-screen siren—even if only Prosecco is talking.

Turner Vintage bought this gleaming offering from Moss just in time for the festivities.

Archive enthusiast Tish Weinstock, who recently got married in three extravagant, extravagant dresses, sparked her absolute obsession with trendy Miu Miu silk.
Darren Gresh/Getty Images

Distinctive accessories

December is when Simone Rocha pearls, shrimp beads, and Erdem bows come out to play, but this year, luxury accessories are vying for attention. Thank you, Spring/Summer 2023 runways. Consider Christmas balls as a warm-up for next year’s Gremlin buddies, crisp bundle clutches and SpongeBob SquarePants accessories. Suddenly those giant hair ribbons don’t look so dull, do they?

Short-haired Jenna Coleman has shown that you can never look like the fairy on top of a Christmas tree.
Dave Bennett

The queen of decoration, Simone Rocha, sees the party season in stockings and pearls.
Dave Bennett

Back to black

Yes, we know, how boring it is in contrast to all those strappy skirts and bras that are still making the rounds. But wouldn’t you rather wear a knockout LBD than go to your office “ do in the same Miu Miu mini hot pants (maybe only in Vogue magazine parties) as your colleague? counted more than 4,000 black looks on the Spring/Summer 2023 runways, which means ink, onyx, and charcoal are about to laugh in the face of this year’s Barbiecore mood. Team with a magpie moment (studded diamond-encrusted dangle earrings are an editor favorite) or ease up the cool with sweet booties, like Sienna Miller’s Jimmy Choo Christmas Tree at Claridges just unveiled.

Charmadian Red showed that sequins look even more elegant in inked black.
Marco Bahler

Tights are firmly in favor of socks this season, according to Sienna and anyone associated with December’s Miu Miu ballet flats.
Darren Gresh/Getty Images

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