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Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, Jaylen Waddell, tackle Tyrone Armstead, safety Jevon Holland and linebacker Jaylan Phillips met with the media yesterday as the team faces Houston on Sunday, November 27. Quotes from their media availability.

(For what he’s grateful for this Thanksgiving)
“I’m always so grateful for things, but now I’m just letting it slip. I have a problem with being tired. I’m going to try to be as tight as possible. Also, I don’t. I don’t want to get too emotional here today. But when you say that, ‘what’s more Something to be grateful for?” Immediately (go to) my wife and daughter. Especially since she’s now two years old. I really didn’t know this side of tangible support, family, and fulfillment. People can’t do anything themselves. Anything at all. And while that “I am able to fully invest in the people in the organization and do my job, which is very important to me, and I wouldn’t have any chance without my wife. This parenting thing is legit. I am sure there are some like “Just wait!” I know. But now she’s 2 years old and she thinks I’m cool and wants to hang out with me. Then I am so grateful for everything good or bad, and everything in between, that has happened in my life for giving me the opportunity to be here. Then again, I’d probably (speak) for 45 minutes if I didn’t… all aspects of which I’m very well aware of. I can’t do my job for the team, for the players, for the people in the building, for the fan base, for the organization, if you don’t have the right kind of people who decide to go with you on the trip. I think it is foolish for people in positions like me to be delusional enough to think that she has, that she is greater than she is. It has to do with you, but you are as good as everyone involved in the process. It fulfills half a season. It checks out of season. I am very satisfied, thanks. And then, on top of that, it all happens, and I have a fanbase that’s hungry but just as grateful as D might be. I had no idea the Dolphins fan base was already in six NFL divisions, but this is one of two I wasn’t. Then time, passion and investment. There are scars and remnants of that. All I’ve seen are people who want to be excited. You see – well, because you get vulnerable when you’re excited. But to be able to do the job for this team for all of these people and then on top of that you have an informed, smart, passionate community and fanbase that really appreciates where you are, but more than that, you can see people. YOU CAN – The results of the games can affect people’s lives. Yes it is. And it’s great that we have such a great home environment. It’s really cool when you see people wanting and being excited about something they love. I’m nice to that. You guys remember this is where my roots started and I will never stray from that empathic attitude.”

(On how he handles roster decisions alongside general manager Chris Greer)
“I think we look at it like this – we have points of focus or experience that the team draws on, but we also know how much we are intertwined with anything that happens within the organisation, player decisions, all that. But the biggest and most important thing is that we respect, respect, trust and depend on each other. So I wouldn’t say that like anything we do, there’s a consistent action and[say]’Hey, don’t.’ Everything we do is supposed to be on the same page. If we don’t, we have this wonderful formula for just talking. ( (Laughter) I’m not sure. I can’t speak for any of the relationships that people have outside of their relationship with me. But from the very beginning when he was interviewing me, that thing when someone interviews you and is part of the decision to hire you, I don’t take that lightly. We do everything as a team. On that, and the assumption is that we’re on the same page with everything, and the second there is — that’s the great thing is the second there’s anything like, “Hey, maybe he doesn’t know this,” or, “Just to keep you updated,” or Whatever it is, I think we both see it as our responsibility to the organization, knowing that (in) a health organization, people appointed to positions should be TB It’s the same page. It’s like if you’re running a play, the quarterback and the running back better understand this is happening on the right, or it doesn’t matter what block the right guard is. So I think that’s kind of the way we approach it, which is a great, well-intentioned and thoughtful process. You always hope to have a situation like this. You never know if you’re going to get it, but I feel so, so lucky and fortunate, because it’s so easy, relatively for a lot of people, and it’s so easy to do my job, and I hope to make it easier as well.”

(on the level of trust he has with his recipient and how this helps in his expectation)
“I would say that’s what we’ve been working on at OTAs and the whole camp. That’s what we’ve been working on — expectation. If you look at our insult, that’s really what our insult is based on. Expectation and confidence that the guys will be in the right places, that they’ll get to the right depth. I’m taking the right point to correlate with how deep they’re in their way or when they cut in, when they advance. The re-out, when the ball should go out. That’s all a buildup to all of that. And we’ve worked on that, like, so many times. And this isn’t just OTA and training camp. Those are also the times that we’ve been to training camp that we’ve had to ourselves. We’ll all go out on our own and work on stuff like that and talk through it. So for us offensively, that’s nothing new for us.”

(On the importance of staying locked down to the get-together and with Thanksgiving this week)
“Yeah, it’s really important that we stay locked in. We understand we’ve said goodbye and now Thanksgiving is coming up. The guys have family coming into town. And you can get lost in not doing things that would normally be done on a weekly basis since maybe I’m taking this off.” Today because it’s Thanksgiving and the guys aren’t studying. I don’t think that’s the case for our guys. I know a lot of our guys have been dying to go back. I mean, I’ve been dying to go back. I had no idea what to do with myself last week, so I’ve been trying to go Panthers game, trying to do something to get my mind off it. But it’s hard because you don’t want to go on a hot streak and then go through the goodbyes. I almost wish it didn’t happen. But yeah, games like this, we understand it’s going to be tough. We looked at the movie We understand that Houston’s record doesn’t say much for them, but they are playing strong. They play together as a team. We understand that this is going to be tough for us. So we have to be prepared and ready for them.”

(if he’s excited to be back from his bye week)
“Yeah, absolutely. I was just excited to be back and around the guys again. It was a little break, but I think we just needed it to get away from the game. I’m excited to be back. I think we are all.”

(If having players in and out of the lineup early in the season helps provide more depth now)
“That’s great. That’s a beautiful thing. Having depth, having guys come in and get experience, get some playing time, live action is only going to be good for us going forward.”

(on whether the defense can build up against Cleveland)
“Yeah, I mean, we’re ready for the next challenge. This is a good team coming up. They’ve got a hell of a running back (in Dameon Pierce). It’s going to be exciting to go from a good running back to a good back, back to back like that.”

(On the importance of this week’s game against Houston)
“It’s so important. I always talk about how we take it one day at a time and really immerse ourselves in the process. You can’t overlook any team in the NFL. Everybody’s so talented. There’s a reason they’re in the NFL. Everyone’s a good coach.” Everyone has the potential to make big games, so definitely bring in your first game every week.”

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