What are the realistic expectations of Deshan Watson?

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It’s not easy for fans to be hopeful about the Cleveland Browns.

Well, except for August when every new player is destined to save us from over 20 years of disappointment.

But some Browns supporters are very excited to have Deshaun Watson stepping behind the center next weekend.

It looks like it was Jacoby Brissett no On track to be only the second player in Browns history with 4,000 receiving yards.

Or that running in the fourth total offense in yards (10 points) is no better than in any recent season.

But Watson is supposed to be a player behind the back for the franchise, and they’re doing something Brissett can’t.

That is, ending games on a high note, and maybe even completing a game-winning campaign or two.

Still and all, with all of Brown’s other missteps in mind, what are Deshan Watson’s realistic expectations?

Does All-Pro mean franchise QB?

Deshaun Watson played 3 full seasons with the Houston Texans, including in 2020 when he led the league with 4,823 yards.

All three seasons resulted in a Pro Bowl berth for the former top player outside of Clemson.

He was the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2017 despite only starting 6 games.

Houston won their first division in 2018 and 2019, winning a wild card game along the way.

But the team struggled badly in 2020 after wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins was replaced.

After that trade, rumors started and circulated all season about Watson and JG Watt deals.

Houston also fired head coach Bill O’Brien after an 0-4 start amid concern in the locker room.

And not even Watson’s stellar season could get Texans out of mud and mud.

Why isn’t Watson leading Cleveland to the playoffs?

Two years later, Watson is poised to take over in Cleveland amid controversy over his abilities.

There is concern that he may be rusty after sitting out the 2021 season due to what he perceives as disrespect in the front office.

Shortly after this decision was made, accusations of sexual impropriety made available by the Texans surfaced.

Watching Watson practice, he didn’t seem to miss a step or be any less accurate than a thrower.

But practice is practice and his first games will require him to shake things up a bit.

Not only will his defenders perform faster in games, but his receivers will increase their speed as well.

The technical staff is keen to know how many blows he receives and how he deals with them.

It’s not likely that Watson has forgotten how to play the game since 2021, but he may need some time to get back to his form.

What are reasonable expectations?

Simply throwing for 300-400 yards a game or 4,000-yard seasons will not be enough for Watson to succeed.

After all, Jacoby Brissett threw 300 and 3 touchdowns against Buffalo, and even Blake Bortles had a 4,000-yard season.

Watson’s success will be determined by faith.

Can John Johnson or Denzel Ward believe that if they give up a touchdown, Watson will bring it back?

Will the fans stay seated until the last seconds trusting Watson to get the game through in tricky situations?

Ultimately, faith in a Browns quarterback can only be restored through wins – at least 4 in their last 6 games.

Watson’s history allows us to predict wins using dribbleability, in- and out-of-the-pocket accuracy, and arm strength.

With just 4 wins since 2019, Browns fans are hoping his success doesn’t go to waste in the NFL’s trash cans.

But we think 4-2 is a reasonable expectation, while any 3-6 win shouldn’t surprise many.

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