When and why the Edmonton Oilers are an “extra” product for their fans: 9 Things

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Will you pay cash to be a fly on the wall while Jay Woodcroft and his staff try to get to the bottom of the slow beginnings of the insane, so far young NHL season?

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There is no greater reality TV than professional sports. But auctioneers believe that, as frustrating as it may feel at times, you can’t look away.

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That and more in this week’s edition of…

9 things

9. By the indication of his strength on the Sabbath, Connor McDavid He now has 27 goals against the Calgary Flames since the 2015-16 season. This is more than any other player in the NHL against any other team.

8. Playing from behind is not only a bad recipe for winning in the long run. It carries other costs as well, such as the starter Dylan Holloway He played only 8:25 on Saturday night and only 8:06 vs. Vancouver.

7. The Bakersfield Condors fell behind 3-2 in overtime against Abbotsford on Saturday. Oilers 3Research and development Crosshairs series Calvin Picard Stops 34 of 37. Picard can be valuable depth if there is an injury. Michael Kesselringwho had a decent Oilers camp, opened the scoring.

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6. the Dmitry Samorokov/Clem Costin Trade is basically what the Oilers have been looking for a couple of years ago Jesse Polgojarvi: A talented player who didn’t train quite as well as you vs a talented player who didn’t train well with you. I still think Ken Holland He was right not to do that to Jesse. Samorukov was banned here. Kostin will be fun to watch.

5. It’s good to see the NHL locker rooms open to the media again. Understandably they closed during COVID. But when I was a locker room reporter in Calgary and Toronto, I thought that access always enabled me to tell the audience better stories. It adds an element of accountability to the masses. However, it is very difficult to do well. It’s easy to criticize if you don’t walk a mile in those shoes.

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4. Stuart Skinner The closing streak continues. Many Skinner fans will remember that the local kid pulled out of his final game in the NHL this past spring. And the Oilers reserves were again great on 31 shots in relief from Jack Campbell on Saturday. I’m not worried about Jack Campbell. Besides, he wasn’t much help with that 1Street a period. But to win in the NHL these days, you need a couple of online pros you can count on to carry a meaningful load. Skinner gave his club a big chance on Saturday.

3. I thought about cash Darnell Nurse The late kick in the Vancouver game was a little overdone. Yes, it was a penalty all day and no, its timing was far from ideal. But if you are Jay WoodcroftI want Darnell Nurse to play more than I saw last season. This dimension in his game was one of the reasons Craig McTabish formulated. The more the nurse is involved in the game guts, the better he plays. And if the other team is checking shoulders for an extra time or two while the nurse is around, it also provides a little extra room for their teammates. I personally like a little nasty in the nurse game.

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2. I wonder if something is “not right” Philip Broberg. His transfer back and forth between Edmonton and Bakersfield the last few stints has been mystifying. Not being based in Edmonton isn’t such a big shock anymore. He was outmaneuvered during camp. Many, myself included, wondered if the added off-season weight had made him feel a little groggy. Beginners rarely develop in a straight line. So, a little extra spice in the AHL couldn’t hurt. But… Broberg was also not in the Bakersfield lineup last night. What gives with that? Right now, my speedy sensation is tingling. Why exactly does this important regulatory prospect seem to be stuck in no-man’s-land? It’s worth watching in the coming days. Speaking of which…

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1. You took a good look at what’s new Oilers + streaming site. It was launched on Tuesday. The highlight of it all is “The Drop,” a mini-documentation focusing on a day in the life of the team (or an entire series, in the case of the 2022 Alberta Stanley Cup playoff duel). The video has been played Oilers + It’s beautifully shot. She has it NFL Movies Feels like an excellent product. I also like the lack of a narrator. Director Peter Jackson adopted this approach in his Emmy Award-winning documentary Get Back on The Beatles. Unlike an oil change, this is the oilers in their own words. Strategically, this new project makes a lot of sense. When you have two of the best players in the world, the best arena in the league and a Final 4 team, delivering a premium product has to do very well. Running is an emerging platform in professional sports. The Amazon Dealing with the NFL for Thursday Night Football It was the first major rocket launched in North America. Sports fans are a linear group. It’s my thing, that instinct that you and millions of others are watching or listening to the same game at the same time. But most clubs are already maxed out in terms of what the networks have to offer for their rightsholder fees beyond play-by-play, basic coverage and highlights. The broadcast platform also gives the organization a meaningful say in the creative and editorial process. If you’re a big corporation and claim you don’t want these things, you’re not being honest. And no, as a broadcast consultant, I have no affiliation with the Oilers whatsoever.

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Can Oilers + Offer what networks can’t or don’t want? Exclusive and extensive behind-the-scenes looks (the dressing room footage of The Drop episode during the BOA watershed series was proven). Long interviews like that Bob Beaches elaborated into an art form (in which the host was almost as star-studded as his subjects). Snapshots of fan-favorite players away from the ring. Husbands, dogs. Children. family. if Oilers + It can offer all of that, and then I think fans who want that kind of access will pay for it. For those who don’t like the extra cost, there’s an easy fix: Don’t sign up. Nobody forces this on anyone. Currently, the club is not asking its fans to pay extra for anything of substance they previously received for free. That was smart of them.

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Like all projects like Oilers+, the devil will be in the details. Will the Oilers use their best personalities? Will the content remain fresh, fresh and engaging? Is the site easy to navigate? And most importantly, is it available on all devices and dashes? In a hockey frenzy market like Edmonton, a product with these qualities would have a chance to do well and expand the club’s already large brand.

But in today’s on-demand world, if they can’t achieve these things? Today’s relatively inexpensive $60 (I pay more annually for sports and other non-sports broadcast services) might be too much for many.

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