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Choosing the perfect gift for anyone is a challenge. Dad has a lot of ties and socks. Holeless lingerie is always welcome, but it’s not the sexiest option. Mom probably doesn’t need another knickknack and a gift card or certificate might seem a little impersonal.

But seriously, who doesn’t love Myers whiskey? The band is amazing and offers music that crosses several genres, so it’s sure to hit home for a lot of people.

Don’t you know that? Myers whiskey has gone to great lengths to make shopping for some truly unique gifts easy for everyone.
Follow along as we check out a list of more than just T-shirts and CDs.


Let’s start with an artisan Whiskey Christmas in the form of the band’s collaboration with Treaty Oak Distilling in Dripping Springs, Texas.

Bourbon? Texas?

You’ll want to try this out. Treaty Oak bases its offering on a high-rye mash straight from Kentucky, giving this bourbon a true pedigree. It’s the real deal.

750ml, 47.5% by VOL (95 PROOF)

The mash is from the Bardstown Bourbon Company in Bardstown, KY, giving it true Kentucky bourbon roots. The mash is aged for two years and consists of 70% corn, 21% grain, and 9% barley.

The water is filtered from limestone, straight from Dripping Springs and the taste is rich and caramel, with hints of mild green pepper, corn, cured tobacco and honey.

Available at www.whiskeymyers.com.

Meyers Texas Pecan Whiskey Coffee

Gruene Coffee Haus

Texas Pecan Coffee, by Gruene Coffee Haus, has historically been the band’s favorite blend. As they’ve fostered their love of strong brews over the past decade or more down the road, they’ve dreamed of one day having their own blend.

When it came time to start developing Whiskey Myers Coffee, the band’s coffee enthusiast, drummer Jeff Hogg, couldn’t think of a better way to launch it than to partner with Gruene Coffee Haus. Texas Pecan represents Jeff’s favorite pecan blend in exclusive Whiskey Myers packaging.

Bag size: 12 ounces

Type: 100% Arabica Beans

A note about the blend from Gruene Coffee Haus:

This medium-roast, gourmet Costa Rican coffee is topped with our famous secret recipe of pecan oils, caramel, and vanilla. Then we mix in fresh pecans from the Oliver Pecan Company, right here in Texas. When you ground your coffee to fill your morning cup, those pecans crunch into it like pods. Explosive little flavour.”

Available at www.whiskeymyers.com.

Myers straight bourbon blend whiskey coffee

Gruene Coffee Haus

After diving into the world of caffeine culture with band favorite Texas Pecan Coffee, Whiskey Myers is back in the well again and is back with a new high-octane blend.

The Myers Straight Bourbon whiskey blend is once again batch-roasted in Gruene and features volcano-grown specialty coffee beans, hand-roasted to bring out the natural notes of dark chocolate, sweet tobacco and cedarwood, then infused with a hint of sweet bourbon and enveloped with a warm and salty honey caramel bomb finale. .
Bag size: 12 ounces

Type: 100% Arabica Beans

Available at www.whiskeymyers.com.

Myers whiskey merchandise

While the best way to get your hands on t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and other accessories is in person at a live Whiskey Myers show, where your purchase will include some face-to-face time with Wes Gibson, the band’s legendary merchandiser, sometimes you need a few things and maybe can’t drive to California, Colorado or Michigan. Never fear: The full line of official Whiskey Myers gear is available online.

Of course, the list of goodies includes T-shirts, hoodies, and hats, but the band understands that there’s a lot more to life. That’s why their website also offers essentials like bandanas, stickers, coffee mugs, stainless mugs, air fresheners, Koozies, coolers, felt pennants for your wall, custom etched dog bowls, creme de la creme, and official coloring. For Myers whiskey book.

Available at www.whiskeymyers.com.

John Jeffers Merchandise

For those days when you need to declare your allegiance more specifically, feel free to head over to www.thejohnjeffers.com. There you will find Jeffers-centric T-shirts and hats. The caps feature Jeffers’ personal logo, which was previously used as the trademark for his great-grandfather’s cows. “Awesome” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Toad Thamer Tourez

Perhaps the latest item to have a link to the band will come in the form of Toad Thumper Lures.

Meyers Whiskey lead singer Cody Cannon’s love of hunting and fishing is well documented and it’s just as much his passion as his love of music. After a trip with his friend Cody Tedford to the Bassmasters Show in 2020, the pair decided there was room to improve the quality of lures, especially frog baits, available to the fishing community.

The result is a world-class product. The Toad Thumper was launched at the 2022 Bassmasters Expo in April, and was met with enough enthusiasm to sell out completely during the event.

Toad Thumper currently offers two basic frog designs, the Swamper, which is a walking frog, and the Thumper, which is a snapper frog. Both are made with a specially engineered soft material and contoured zero-line body that provides superior collapsibility and hook-up ratio while also easing straight-line stiffness.

Available at www.toadthumper.com.

Al Saadoun Festival 2023

Yes, it looks like Wiggy Thumb just happened to be in Palestine. That’s because he did. But East Texans won’t have to wait an entire year to enjoy the band’s annual comeback because it’s been relocated to April 15 at its regular venue, the Anderson County Livestock Pavilion.

The 2023 festival lineup includes Mark Chesnutt, Tanner Ossery, Sarah Hobbs and, of course, Myers whiskey.

Tickets are available now at www.roadhousetickets.com/Ticket/Detail/1018

Whiskey Myers Music

Maybe we should end this dance with “The One Who Says Goodbye”.

Whiskey Myers began playing together around 2005 and was filling spots by 2009. Since that time the band has released six albums of their genre-bending mix of country, rock and blues, including their latest release, 2022’s “Tornillo.”

On the website, you can find everything the band has brought to the world from their musical perspective, including the album that started it all. Available online on a special edition vinyl press, “Road of Life” is a must-have for most avid fans.

While the music of Myers’ whiskey is welcomed around the world today, many East Texans hold on to their memories of hearing “Lonely East Texas Nights,” “American Outlaws,” “TYA,” and the title track at one of the many local venues.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, I Tunes, Amazon, and at www.whiskeymyers.com.

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