Youtuber Fuzzy appears off MLB The Show 22 Gameplay With Tech Test

A new tech demo for MLB The Show 22 lets players download and try the game for free, leading YouTuber Fuzzy to share his experience.

On February 17, popular YouTuber Fuzzy released a video showing his experience with MLB The Show 22 A tech demo, giving baseball fans an in-depth look at some of the features in the upcoming game. Hilariously, Fuzzy makes it his mission to join the adventure to find all the bugs inside him MLB The Show 22something one would expect to discover in great deal at a tech show.

The tech demo was released last Thursday and will run through February 23rd, allowing players to download the cross-platform platform MLB The Show 22 Free while reporting anything that requires a fix before its official release in April. Fuzzy, who has made his name known in the baseball gaming community with more than 360,000 YouTube followers, gave his own experience in a nearly 12-minute video.

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Fuzzy opened up his experience by showing off the new pack animation, highlighting diamond-shaped details in the background of cards and exploding animations when players open their packs. Viewers also gained insight into what the cards would look like, while the featured exit animation was not seen as it does not currently exist in the game. In the Battle Royale Draft mode that appears at the three-minute mark, fans see how players will pick their team, selecting players on a round-by-round basis while their overall rank decreases after each round. Fuzzy suggests focusing on the hitter first, while catching a pitcher with a good break and cutting pitches.

Presentation-wise, one aspect that might interest some is the expectation of winning the game. To the bottom right of the screen, a blue dot will appear next to the team’s initials, and as the game progresses, the marker will swing towards the side the system expects to win. What the players do with their strategy will determine where the momentum meter turns. Unfortunately, it looks like the R2 spam is back, and Fuzzy wastes no time explaining how the glitch allows batters to manipulate the pitcher’s timing on the pitch.

The good news is that the next couple of days will allow players to find glitches and exploits of this nature and report them directly to developer San Diego Studio, potentially stopping them before the game is released. Expectations are high with the game Coming to Nintendo Switch, Switch users will experience the franchise for the first time. Depending on how MLB handles its current lockout, this game could pave the way for baseball fans to have something to talk about while the league waits to reach a settlement. If not, the shutdown will have baseball fans glued to their consoles and battling other players to compete for bragging rights in the world of digital sports.

MLB The Show 22 Releases April 5th for PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

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