Immigrate to Canada from Australia


Due to the strong ties between Canada and Australia, relocating here as an Australian citizen is more straightforward compared to individuals from other nations attempting to immigrate to Canada. The two countries share robust economic connections and share Commonwealth membership.
Additionally, a thriving Australian community in British Columbia facilitates the seamless integration of immigrants from Australia into Canada.
If your intention is to relocate from Australia, you can count on our Canadian immigration lawyers to support you throughout the entire process.

Table of Contents :
Services offered to individuals migrating to Canada from Australia
Available visas for Australians planning to relocate to Canada
How to immigrate from Australia to Canada using the Working Holiday Visa program?
Documents to take into account when moving from Australia to Canada
Why immigrate to Canada from Australia?

Services offered to individuals migrating to Canada from Australia
If you’re an Australian citizen considering immigration to Canada, our specialized lawyers are here to help. Our Canada immigration law firm can provide expert guidance on selecting the right visa, including options under bilateral agreements, as well as assist throughout the application process and post-relocation support.
If your intention is to relocate from Australia to Canada, you can take advantage of comprehensive relocation services that will make your settlement here as smooth as possible. Additionally, you will receive the necessary support for your Canadian residency application, as required.

Available visas for Australians planning to relocate to Canada
There are several visa types available for those interested in immigrating from Australia to Canada. These are the options commonly utilized:
• The Federal Skilled Worker Program is accessible to individuals who arrive here using work visas.
• The Australian citizen can acquire an unrestricted work permit through the Federal Trade Worker Scheme.
• The Canadian Experience Class is an option for individuals seeking immigration to Canada based on employment-related circumstances.
• The Working Holiday Visa offers specific advantages to Australian citizens who are temporarily relocating to Canada.
• Given the significant population of Australian citizens residing here, family sponsorship visas hold great significance.
Should you choose to move from Australia to Canada through programs such as the family reunification visa, our attorneys are here to assist with the necessary paperwork. Additionally, if you require support for relocating to start a business and obtaining a Canada investment visa, you can depend on us.

How to immigrate from Australia to Canada using the Working Holiday Visa program?
While the Holiday Working Visa enables temporary immigration from Australia to Canada, applicants should be aware that they receive unique privileges compared to citizens from other nations.
Among these stipulations, it’s important to understand that Canada places no yearly limit on the allocation of working holiday visas exclusively for Australians—the only nation with this privilege. This initiative permits individuals aged 18 to 35 (inclusive) from Australia to relocate to Canada and engage in employment for a maximum duration of 2 years.
The primary advantage of this program is that it enables Australian citizens to qualify for immigration to Canada through the Canadian Experience Class Program after completing work here. This initiative necessitates foreign individuals to have a minimum of 12 months of work experience in Canada within a 3-year period, holding a valid work permit, and being employed in a National Occupational Classification type 0, A, or B occupation.
If you’re considering relocating from Australia to Canada through either of these two programs, feel free to reach out to our lawyers for additional details about their prerequisites.

Documents to take into account when moving from Australia to Canada
Individuals intending to immigrate to Canada from Australia need to organize a range of documents. Nonetheless, the subsequent items are essential irrespective of the specific visa being applied for:
the identification document and passport;
The language test is obligatory regardless of whether the destination province is French or English-speaking.
the education assessment;
the National Occupational Classification code;
a medical certificate;
a clean criminal record;
biometric data.
Applicants must ensure that their IDs and passports remain valid throughout the document processing period.
Should you be considering a move from Australia to Canada, you also have the option to ask our lawyers to authenticate your documents before commencing the application process.

Why immigrate to Canada from Australia?
Canada and Australia share a rich economic history characterized by trade, educational collaborations, and bilateral investment deals. As stated by Canada International:
•In 2018, the trade ties between Canada and Australia amounted to $4.1 billion USD.
• During that same year, Canada’s exports to Australia totaled 2 billion USD.
• In 2018, the value of Canadian direct investment in Australia amounted to 31.2 billion USD.
• The annual student exchange between the two nations has increased to 2,000.
If you’re considering moving to Canada from Australia and require guidance, feel free to get in touch. Our team of immigration lawyers can help you complete your Canadian citizenship application. With multiple offices nationwide, you won’t need to travel great distances to reach us. Once you meet the criteria, we’ll handle the verification and paperwork process, ensuring you receive your new ID card smoothly.