Immigrate to Canada from UK


For British citizens, Canada holds great appeal as a destination to relocate. The shared English language minimizes communication barriers, making the transition smoother. Moving from the UK to Canada offers numerous advantages, including the option to take advantage of a dedicated visa program tailored for young individuals.
Here, our team of immigration attorneys in Canada provides insights into the primary visa categories for individuals relocating from the United Kingdom. If you’re considering a move to Canada from the UK, our experts offer a range of services to simplify the relocation process.

Table of Contents :
Different categories of visas available for British citizens immigrating to Canada.
The process of immigrating from the UK to Canada through employment visas.
Utilizing family sponsorship as a means to move from the UK to Canada.
Moving to a specific province in Canada
Migrate from the UK to Canada through the Skilled Workers Scheme.
How to immigrate to Canada from UK as an entrepreneur
Provincial Nominee Programs facilitate moving to Canada from the UK.
British citizens moving to Canada after Brexit
Immigration services for UK citizens in Canada
British citizens living in Canada

Different categories of visas available for British citizens immigrating to Canada.
Canada is widely recognized as a top destination for immigrants from around the globe due to its extensive range of available visas. Individuals seeking to move from the UK to Canada have various visa options to choose from, each aligned with their specific relocation purpose. The following are among the most sought-after ones:
• The Skilled Workers and Professionals Scheme is accessible to individuals who secure job offers in this location.
• For individuals with family members residing in Canada, there is the option of applying for family sponsorship visas.
• The Provincial Nominee Schemes permit UK citizens to relocate to preferred provinces within Canada, often favoring English-speaking regions.
• The Business and Investor Migration Schemes cater to individuals interested in establishing businesses within Canada.
• The Quebec Skilled Workers Program is highly coveted as one of Canada’s most sought-after employment pathways.
• The International Experience Canada program permits temporary relocation for a maximum duration of 2 years.
Considering these choices, migrating from the UK to Canada can be simplified. It’s worth noting that the majority of the aforementioned programs operate on a point-based framework.
Points are assigned to your profile details in accordance with Canada’s Immigration points system. Your age, education, work experience, Canadian work history, and language proficiency contribute to your points. Your qualification for various immigration programs hinges on your total points. If eligible, you might receive an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residency, paving the way for potential settlement.
Our Canadian immigration attorney can provide guidance on the visa application process based on the desired type of residence permit one intends to seek.

The process of immigrating from the UK to Canada through employment visas.
One commonly used method for moving to Canada from the UK involves obtaining a work visa. Thanks to the range of available programs, applying for a work visa is relatively straightforward, since the Canadian employer handles the application process on behalf of the applicant.
To secure a work visa as a UK citizen, you need to register on job listing websites to locate a fitting job opportunity. Afterward, you’ll navigate the point-based assessment system and submit an application for the chosen position. Once the job is secured, the immigration process can commence.
Our law firm can be trusted by individuals seeking to relocate from the UK to Canada through one of the existing employment programs.

Utilizing family sponsorship as a means to move from the UK to Canada.
For UK citizens considering immigration to Canada, those with family members already residing in the country can opt for relocation through sponsorship. The criteria are lenient, as the sponsor isn’t required to be a Canadian citizen; they only need to be a permanent resident aged 18 or older.
Our team of immigration lawyers assists individuals seeking to immigrate from the UK to Canada through a sponsorship visa.
Utilizing family sponsorship is a prevalent method for immigration from the USA to Canada. If your spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, they can sponsor your move. Eligibility requires your spouse to be over 18, possess a clean criminal record, have the means to support you, not be reliant on social assistance, and show their intention to reside in Canada upon your relocation.

Moving to a specific province in Canada
Moving to Canada from the UK through the Express Entry Program is among the speediest paths to secure a residency permit. This program enables British citizens to engage with provincial initiatives, allowing them to relocate by signing employment contracts with Canadian companies in those provinces.
The Provincial Nominee Scheme is a program that allows UK citizens to move to Canada, contingent upon their nomination, which is why the program bears its name.

Migrate from the UK to Canada through the Skilled Workers Scheme.
As previously stated, securing employment stands out as a primary and desirable path for individuals from any nation, including the United Kingdom, to immigrate to Canada. Considering the UK’s abundance of experts across diverse disciplines due to its globally renowned universities, the prospect of working in Canada presents a significant opportunity for citizens of this European nation.
The Skilled Workers Program, accessible in numerous Canadian provinces, ranks as one of the most effective routes to achieve swift immigration to the country. Among these provinces, Quebec stands out as a favored choice for foreign nationals.
Proficient and capable UK citizens aiming to relocate to Canada have the option to select Quebec, despite the prevailing use of the French language. To successfully migrate to Canada through the Quebec Skilled Workers Scheme, the subsequent criteria must be fulfilled:
The candidate must be prepared to reside and be employed in Quebec.
The test should be finished using the point-based approach, and a minimum score of 52 out of the 59 possible points is required.
When undergoing the test, key factors to take into account include work experience, qualifications, language proficiency, and education. Moving with a spouse and children can yield extra points. Additionally, age holds significance when immigrating to Canada, as the country aims to draw in a youthful labor force.
The Quebec Skilled Workers Program offers UK citizens a speedy path to Canadian permanent residency, and our immigration law firm, based in Canada, can provide guidance for those looking to join this program.

How to immigrate to Canada from UK as an entrepreneur
Canada not only aims to draw in international workers, but also seeks to attract investors. UK citizens can choose from various entrepreneur programs to complete their immigration to Canada, each requiring different levels of investment. Some of the accessible programs for UK citizens include:
the Provincial Nominee Entrepreneur Schemes,
the Federal Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Scheme,
the Federal Start-Up Visa Scheme.
Every program has its own set of requirements, often leading to the need for investing specific funds into different projects.
Our Canadian immigration attorney can furnish comprehensive details about the aforementioned programs and their corresponding criteria. Additionally, should you require assistance in compiling the required documents for relocating from the UK or any other country, our experts are available to provide customized services.

Provincial Nominee Programs facilitate moving to Canada from the UK.
Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) serve as a popular avenue for individuals worldwide, including those from the UK, to immigrate to Canada. British citizens can engage in these programs initiated by provincial governments to facilitate their relocation.
Enrollment in this program necessitates meeting various criteria, including possessing specific skills, education, and work experience. Given that the majority of UK applicants fulfill these prerequisites, relocating to Canada through the PNP is likely to be a straightforward process for them.
The process of relocating to a Canadian province through this program involves British citizens applying with the chosen province’s authorities and subsequently awaiting nomination. Notably, the Provincial Nominee Scheme is connected to the National Government, which handles applications for immigrant workers submitted by provincial governments. In fact, this pathway stands out as one of the swiftest methods for immigration to Canada from the UK or any European country.

Currently, 11 provinces have integrated the program into their immigration schemes, as outlined below:
British Columbia;
Newfoundland and Labrador;
New Brunswick;
Nova Scotia;
the Northwest Territories;
Prince Edward Island;

Alberta offers two distinct programs within the PNP, each having specific prerequisites. The Opportunity Stream caters to individuals with post-graduation degrees and relevant field experience. On the other hand, the Self-Employed Farmer Stream targets those passionate about farming and agriculture. Both programs encompass unique sub-requirements, underscoring the importance of seeking personalized assistance from our immigration lawyer in Canada. Besides outlining the criteria, our lawyer can also provide essential updates about potential changes to the programs.
It’s important to understand that immigrating to Canada through these programs requires noting their annual changes. The government continually adjusts them to meet the specific needs of each year, benefiting provinces hiring suitable industry personnel and applicants choosing schemes aligned with their relocation plans.
While Quebec is highly regarded among Canadian immigration destinations, it’s worth noting that it’s a French-speaking province. This aspect might lead UK citizens considering a move to Canada to explore other options first.
Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have ample opportunities for those looking to relocate from the UK to Canada, boasting a wide range of programs. For instance, New Brunswick offers the following:
the employer support scheme;
the entrepreneurial scheme;
the post-graduate entrepreneurial stream;
the family reunification scheme;
the express entry labor market scheme
the succession connect pilot stream.

Our Canadian immigration law firm is here to help UK citizens looking to relocate to New Brunswick. We provide assistance in preparing and submitting all the required documents for a smooth application process.
Opting for Nova Scotia, the second smallest province in Canada, offers a significant advantage. Applicants can obtain the Provincial Nominee Certificate more rapidly, resulting in a quicker path to permanent residency.
Relocating to Canada offers numerous advantages, particularly for individuals seeking permanent residency. British citizens have the opportunity to apply for citizenship after residing in Canada for a minimum of 5 years, during which they must have filed tax returns in their respective province for at least 3 years.
Alternate paths to acquiring Canadian citizenship exist, such as the Startup Visa program. This initiative targets foreign investors who fulfill specific financial criteria and can secure funding from a recognized business incubator or authority.
Our legal team is here to assist you with further details regarding the process of immigrating from the UK to Canada through this program.

British citizens moving to Canada after Brexit
With the United Kingdom’s impending departure from the European Union, numerous British individuals are considering relocating to different nations to maintain the stability they enjoyed under the EU. Fortunately, those intending to move from the UK to Canada need not worry about the post-Brexit developments, positioning Canada as an appealing destination for both temporary and permanent relocation.
One opportunity for European citizens, including those from the UK, to migrate to North America is the International Experience Canada (IEC) program. This initiative permits UK citizens aged 18 to 30 to become familiar with Canadian regulations and lifestyle for a set duration. Subsequently, they can opt for permanent residency if they choose. Additionally, experience gained through IEC can be applied when relocating to Quebec through specific immigrant pathways requiring prior experience or residency in the province.
Over the last few years, significant developments have taken place in the UK, with one of them being the country’s departure from the European Union. Nonetheless, this change has primarily impacted local matters, leaving British individuals aspiring to move to Canada and Canadian citizens with ties to the UK unaffected.
Relocating to Canada from the UK post-Brexit doesn’t alter the procedure; individuals interested in various programs can apply as usual. Therefore, if you’re considering immigrating to Canada this year, you can proceed without concerns.
Canada offers excellent prospects for British citizens looking to start a business or work, making it an ideal destination with abundant opportunities.
Key benefits of the IEC program for British individuals aspiring to relocate to Canada include:
Acquiring a Canadian visa is a straightforward and uncomplicated process.
The visa allows a UK citizen to remain in Canada for a duration of up to 2 years, providing ample time to acclimate to the country.
This visa does not necessitate a financial commitment for relocating to this country.
If you’re a UK citizen looking to immigrate to Canada through the IEC program and have questions, you’re in the perfect spot. Our lawyers can address your queries and offer essential advice for your relocation.

Immigration services for UK citizens in Canada
Our immigration lawyers can guide you through the process of relocating to Canada from the United Kingdom. We provide advice on selecting the appropriate programs, taking into account their durations, and maximizing your points when applying for immigration.
Our experts will address all your inquiries, ensuring you’re well-informed about the necessary preparations and the anticipated timeline before your move to Canada.

British citizens living in Canada
If you require help selecting a program for immigrating to Canada from the UK, our attorneys will offer personalized guidance based on your intentions.
Citing a study conducted by the United Nations, as referenced by
In 2017, there was a 7% rise in the relocation of British citizens to Canada compared to the previous year, 2016.
In terms of figures, 5,800 individuals from the UK moved to Canada in 2017, a comparison to 5,450 people in 2016.
Out of these, 405 individuals holding British citizenship secured permanent residency in Canada in 2017.
With over 260,000 inhabitants, Ontario boasts the most substantial population of British citizens.
For help with immigrating to Canada from the UK or support with citizenship applications, feel free to reach out to our law firm.
The processing times for different types of citizenship applications vary – such as citizenship certificates, first-time citizenship grants, and retention of citizenship. On average, it takes 26 months to process an application. If you’re thinking about Canadian citizenship, it’s advisable to begin the formalities with assistance from our immigration lawyer.