Maryland small plane crash: The air traffic controller warned the pilot that his altitude reading was too low moments before the plane crashed

CNN – Moments before a small private jet crashed into power lines in Maryland Sunday night, air traffic controllers urgently warned the pilot that the plane was flying too low, according to archived recordings. “N201RF, if you hear this transmission, low altitude alert,” a Potomac Terminal Radar Approach Control controller said in the transmission recording, … Read more

Apple is having a big problem at its Foxconn iPhone factory in China

Hong Kong CNN Business – A violent labor mutiny at the world’s largest iPhone factory this week in central China added pressure to Apple’s strained supplies and highlights how the country’s strict no-Covid policy is hurting global tech companies. The unrest began last month when workers left the factory campus in Zhengzhou, the capital of … Read more

FIFA says crusader uniforms worn by England fans are ‘offensive’

CNN – Ahead of England’s World Cup match against the United States on Friday, soccer’s governing body FIFA said the crusader uniforms worn by England fans were “offensive”. Some England fans attend sporting events dressed as the English Shepherd Saint George, complete with plastic helmets, crosses and swords. FIFA told CNN: “Crusader fashion in an … Read more

Enes Kanter says Nike is ‘afraid to speak out’ against China and wears ‘Modern Day Slavery’ shoes in protest of treatment of Uighurs

CNN – NBA star Ennis Kanter has doubled down on his criticism of China and called on Nike to do more to fight injustice in the country. The Boston Celtics center, who has been outspoken about the treatment of minorities in China, wore custom shoes in its team’s win over the Charlotte Hornets on Monday … Read more

Foxconn protests: iPhone factory offers to pay its workers to quit and leave Zhengzhou campus

Hong Kong CNN Business – Foxconn has offered to pay newly hired workers 10,000 yuan ($1,400) to quit and leave the world’s largest iPhone assembly plant, in a bid to quell protests that have seen hundreds clash with security forces at the complex in central China. The Apple supplier made the offer on Wednesday after … Read more

10 of the Most Googled Holiday Gifts of 2022—and Where to Find Great Deals on Them (We’re Talking $150 Dyson, $60 Samsung Speakers, and More)

A Google Holiday 100 survey identified the 100 most searched gifts across these top shopping categories: Home & Garden; clothes and accessories. Games and electronics. beauty; Toys and crafts. Health and fitness. The Google So begins, dear readers. The holiday season arrives this week (unless you’re one of those people who starts celebrating the day … Read more

World Cup 2022: What fans can’t do in Qatar

CNN – After years of anticipation – and controversy – since Qatar won the World Cup, the tournament finally kicked off on Sunday in Doha. Even before kicking the ball, some sore spots appeared. Despite years of planning, just two days before the start of the tournament, Qatar announced a ban on alcoholic beer in … Read more

We now know what Budweiser will do with the beer he can’t sell at the World Cup

New York CNN Business – Qatar’s last-minute decision to ban alcohol at World Cup venues left Budweiser with loads of beer on its hands. The company has an innovative solution for unloading. Budweiser will ship unsold buds to the state that wins the tournament, and the company said in a tweet. The company confirmed the … Read more

Gianni Infantino: The explosive rhetoric from the FIFA President threatens to overshadow the opening match of the World Cup

Doha, Qatar CNN – The World Cup finals began on Sunday after 12 years of questions and criticism of the tournament being held in Qatar. But even though the opening kick-off is just hours away, football itself is still overshadowed by things off the pitch. FIFA President Gianni Infantino’s extraordinary tirade against Western critics of … Read more

“Very unfair:” Gianni Infantino launches an explosive tirade against Western critics on the eve of the World Cup

Doha, Qatar CNN – On the eve of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, FIFA President Gianni Infantino launched a tirade against Western critics of the controversial tournament in an explosive hour-long monologue. Infantino, chairman of FIFA’s governing body, looked gloomy as he addressed hundreds of journalists in Doha, Qatar, on Saturday. “We have received … Read more