Coronavirus protests escalated in Guangzhou as China’s lockdown anger boiled over

SHANGHAI/BEIJING (Reuters) – People in Guangzhou, China’s manufacturing hub, clashed with white riot police wearing hazmat protective gear on Tuesday night, videos on social media showed, as frustration with strict COVID-19 rules boiled over. 19 three years later. epidemic. The clashes in the southern city mark an escalation of protests in commercial hub Shanghai, the … Read more

Chinese astronauts board the space station for a historic mission

Shenzhou-15 marks the last 11 missions since April 2021 to build a space station The Shenzhou-15 crew will take over from the Shenzhou-14 astronauts on the space station The Chinese space station will be the second permanently inhabited outpost after the NASA-led International Space Station BEIJING (Reuters) – Three Chinese astronauts on Wednesday arrived at … Read more

Chinese authorities are after COVID protesters

BEIJING (Reuters) – Chinese authorities have launched investigations into some of the people who gathered at weekend protests against COVID-19 restrictions, three people who were at the Beijing demonstrations told Reuters, as large numbers of police remained outside on the city’s streets. . In one case, the caller, who identifies as a police officer in … Read more

China virus protests hit Hong Kong after rallies on the mainland

HONG KONG (AP) — Students in Hong Kong chanted “against dictatorship” in protest of China’s COVID rules on Monday after protesters on the mainland issued an unprecedented call for President Xi Jinping to resign. In the biggest show of opposition to the ruling Communist Party in decades. Rallys against China’s unusually strict anti-virus measures spread … Read more

Ennis Kanter’s freedom allows itself to be used

tHe’s an NBA player Enes Freedom shows the danger of attracting the wrong kind of supporters. The 29-year-old Boston Celtics center, formerly known as Ennis Kanter, earned a new nickname when he became an All-American on Monday. For months, he has been an outspoken critic of the Chinese government for its many human rights abuses … Read more

The rise of China casts a shadow over Hong Kong’s crowded wetlands | Environmental News

Hong Kong, China – Barry Ma stares through the lens of his high-powered telescope and raises his arm as he nods in excitement. “over here!” he says in an undertone. “look here.” Ma spotted a pair of tiny grebes — a bird that looks like a duck, but of an unrelated species — swimming in … Read more

Younger Chinese are rejecting the factory jobs that underpin the economy

SHENZHEN (Reuters) – Growing up in a Chinese village, Julian Zhou only saw his father a few times a year when he returned for a break from his grueling job at a textile factory in the southern province of Guangdong. For his father’s generation, working in factories was a lifeline out of rural poverty. For … Read more

Claims trends in marine insurance

With many countries seeing rates as high as 10% or around 10%, high inflation is exacerbating existing trends that drive claims severity, including larger vessels and environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. Higher steel prices, higher cost of spare parts, and higher labor costs affect the cost of hull repairs and machinery downtime claims. Accidents … Read more

Asian stocks fall ahead of US CPI, cryptocurrency concerns escalate Dollar Still Flat, Cryptocurrency Raising Spread Fears European markets are preparing to open lower Mainland China and Hong Kong stocks affected by rise in COVID cases Focus on US inflation for signs of slowing Fed rate hikes SYDNEY (Reuters) – Asian stock markets slipped on Thursday and the dollar held overnight gains ahead of … Read more

KIA is reconnecting with most international destinations and adding new destinations

Bengaluru has reconnected to most of the international destinations to which flights had been suspended due to COVID-19. Besides, new international routes that were not in operation in the pre-COVID-19 era have been added. Prior to COVID-19, Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) was connected to 25 international destinations, averaging 40 international flights per day. The majority … Read more