Enes Kanter says Nike is ‘afraid to speak out’ against China and wears ‘Modern Day Slavery’ shoes in protest of treatment of Uighurs

CNN – NBA star Ennis Kanter has doubled down on his criticism of China and called on Nike to do more to fight injustice in the country. The Boston Celtics center, who has been outspoken about the treatment of minorities in China, wore custom shoes in its team’s win over the Charlotte Hornets on Monday … Read more

Ennis Kanter’s freedom allows itself to be used

tHe’s an NBA player Enes Freedom shows the danger of attracting the wrong kind of supporters. The 29-year-old Boston Celtics center, formerly known as Ennis Kanter, earned a new nickname when he became an All-American on Monday. For months, he has been an outspoken critic of the Chinese government for its many human rights abuses … Read more

Qatar’s laws endanger fans, drinking, homosexuality, rape, and drugs

Football fans face being thrown behind bars or flogging for minor infractions while traveling to Qatar for the World Cup. The Sun reports that drinking, swearing, taking pictures and even having sex can lead to people being imprisoned thanks to “vague” and “confusing” laws in the Gulf Muslim country. Qatar still applies the death penalty … Read more