John Rahm in The Official World Rankings for “Funny” Golf, LIV Golf and more

John Rahm’s press conference ahead of the DP World Championships in Dubai began with the Spaniard receiving an honorary lifetime membership on the tour and ended with him in the “ridiculous” golf world rankings. The 28-year-old has become one of the best quotes in golf over the past few years and is known to speak … Read more

John Rahm hit his driver “hard” – how he figured out how to win anyway | instructions

Winning one of the best rounds of golf requires a certain, high level of talent. It takes a level above that to win those rounds when you’re not at your best. Such was the case with John Rahm this weekend at the DP World Championships. “I honestly can’t believe I hit a 12-under with how … Read more

Ranking complains less about the fuzzy math of accrual

“The world is unfair, Calvin,” the precocious child in Bill Watterson’s famous comic strip Calvin and Hobbes His father once told him. Calvin replied, “I know.” “But why wouldn’t this be unfair in my favor at all?” The idea of ​​Calvin’s Tao has been embraced as a ruling sentiment by European tourism loyalists, who are … Read more