Dream Factory sends a young boy, his mother, on a trip to Florida theme parks

Dream Factory sends a young boy on a trip to Florida theme parks Updated: 5:19 PM CST on November 18, 2022 Hide text Show text He also lives with one. AIDEN showed his shy side during his visit to CAN BC but his mom, Hanna, was eager to tell us all about his dream trip … Read more

KC Road Conditions: Snow makes commuting smooth, slows down traffic

Snow plows with the Kansas City Department of Public Works drive along the Shoto Trafficway on Monday, November 14, 2022 in Kansas City. Nick Wagner nwagner@kcstar.com As snow continued to fall Tuesday morning in Kansas City, officials told drivers to be careful on their morning commute. National Weather Service warned Drivers said roads will be … Read more

Dunlap of the Chiefs pursues the last half sack needed to reach 100

KANSAS CITY, MO (Associated Press) — The Kansas City Chiefs were trying to snuff out the Tennessee Titans in overtime last weekend when Carlos Dunlap and Chris Jones hit the quarterback at the same time, dragging owner Willis into the lawn for a sack. Each of them got half the bag. The decision by the … Read more

Chiefs Mahomes relieved after big passes vs. Titans

KANSAS CITY, MO (Associated Press) – Patrick Mahomes said Wednesday that his right arm was doing fine after setting the Kansas City Chiefs records for pass attempts and completions last weekend after the overtime end over the Tennessee Titans. That doesn’t mean he wants to do it again. Mahomes was at 43 of 68 for … Read more

Former Weston police officer charged with assault during a traffic stop

KANSAS CITY, MO – A former Weston police officer who allegedly punched a motorist during a traffic stop three months ago has been charged with fourth-degree assault, a misdemeanor. During an August 5 traffic stop for a suspected DWI, Brinley R. Acklen, 24, threatened to hit a motorist in the face after he refused a … Read more