Formula 1: Ferrari explodes with revelation Charles Leclerc will not speak to team boss

Mattia Binotto and Charles Leclerc. Photo/F1 TV Charles Leclerc is no longer speaking to Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto, according to a report. The team is in disarray after the disastrous Brazilian Grand Prix dominated by strategic mistakes and criticism of the underperforming team. On Wednesday, the team was forced to issue a statement denying … Read more

Norris: F1 update: Lando Norris defends collision with Charles Leclerc, says not there to ‘let everyone pass’

McLaren driver Lando Norris received a five-second penalty after colliding with Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc. However, Norris, who turned 23 yesterday, defended his actions, saying he was not there to “let everyone pass”. They said it was just a racing accident. Speaking to the press later in the day, Norris said Leclerc tried to go outside … Read more