Study discovers earliest evidence of cooking

A recent study has found what may be the oldest known evidence of ancient cooking: the remains of a fish dinner dating back 780,000 years. Cooking helped transform our ancestors. It has helped fuel our evolution and given us bigger brains. Later, cooking became central to the eating ceremonies that brought communities together. The new … Read more

Migrant workers say their work made the World Cup happen

Thousands of migrant workers took pictures of themselves while watching the opening match of the FIFA World Cup in Doha, Qatar They were watching from a private fan region Close to the workers’ area outside the city. The area is where Qatar’s hundreds of thousands of low-income workers live. There were two big screens set … Read more

The demand for turtles as pets, which leads to an increase in poaching

growing demand for turtle as such Pets In the United States, Asia and Europe has led to increased poaching. Poaching means illegal hunting or killing of an animal. Wildlife trade experts believe that increased poaching is adding to the global decline in the number of rare freshwater turtles turtle. These concerns have led to proposals … Read more