Mailbag: An underappreciated team; Potential scorers 50 goals

If you were to create a lineup of players that you find underappreciated, what would it look like? -punmasterrifkin I’ll give you the starting lineup instead of going deep into a 20-man lineup. Attackers: Miles Wood – Chandler Stephenson – Brian Rust Defenders: Devon Toes – Brett Pesci Goalkeeper: Karel Vemelka Wood’s speed and ability … Read more

Mailbag: Liner’s Future in Vegas; Qualifying chances for last-place teams

with Logan Thompson And the Aden Hill Good performance so far, coupled with Thompson’s low salary cap coming into the next three seasons, is Vegas trying to move Robin Lehner into this season? – @GLaSnoST9 The answer is yes, but there are two points about this: 1. It’s too early to say if the Thompson/Hill … Read more